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Verified by Visa is a system used by Visa as an added layer of security for online credit and debit cards transactions. A similar system is used by MasterCard under the name SecureCode (which is completely separate from verified by Visa, although it uses the same protocol).

“Verified by Visa” and “SecureCode” both are being introduced in conjunction with EMV as a means of shifting responsibility for fraud away from the credit card companies and also introducing more secure transactions, where the party not implementing the technology in question is held responsible for money lost due to fraud.

A transaction using Verified by Visa/SecureCode will initiate a redirect to the website of the card issuing bank to authorize the transaction either using private personal details kept by the bank, a user-chosen password, or, more securely, a one-time password. The Verified by Visa protocol recommends the bank’s verification page to load in an inline frame session. In this way, the bank’s systems can be held responsible for most security breaches.

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If you are using Public Bank Visa Electron and wish to sign up for Verified by Visa, please read Verified by Visa for Public Bank Visa Electron

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