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Streamyx died again

Bloody Screamyxx just died on me again. Their customer support are so darn stupid trying to avoid calls. It seems that 1300 88 9515 has been engage for the last 25 minutes. Calling 100 didn’t work at all. As soon as you pressed 2 for Internet services. The line just silenced. WhaT the hell is… Continue reading Streamyx died again

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Vodafone Zuhause Talk&Web-Box Firmware v2.63

Thanks to markmoses for pointing out the firmware upgrade for Vodafone Zuhause Talk & Web 3g router. Firmware v2.63 was released on 20 Sept 2007 as a maintenance release. Unfortunately, Vodafone Support did not mention the purpose of the release. I personally have not tested this firmware yet. My unit was upgraded to v2.50 from… Continue reading Vodafone Zuhause Talk&Web-Box Firmware v2.63

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3 more papers to go

Finally down to 3 papers. I guess I can graduate this may. HOPEFULLY! I don’t wanna stay in TARC any longer. I just wanna get that darn cert and move on wih my life. Had enough with study. I’m not exactly those type of people who really like studying. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m… Continue reading 3 more papers to go

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My complaint works ! …. or maybe not

Two days ago, I wrote to Celcom, complaining to them about my SNAIL-slow 3G connection and the high latency problem which keep getting me Time Out everytime I tried to surf the net and my MSN connection kept being dropped off. Thus, making some of my contacts asking me why am I going on and off. I… Continue reading My complaint works ! …. or maybe not