Finally it’s Friday !

The long awaited day LoL cos I get to go back to Seremban after my ISMM lecture. Well, I think I came too early for lecture. It’s only 8:10am, 20 mins before lecture starts. The hall is empty and it’s darn cold in there. But hey… it’s nice to sleep there if there’s a bed.. Weird, it wasn’t like me to come to lecture so early. Usually I’ll only be at the hall 5 or 10 mins earlier. I called Shawn and found out he’s still sleeping. I guess he’ll be late for lecture again.

See those 2 books? Those are the subjects that I hate. I hate subjects with calculation. =.=” But I guess I have no choice. It’s the core subject in the course. Sigh…   Well, I’m not pretending that I’m hardworking bringing those heavy books with me when there’s only 1 lecture for me today. Had to carry them with me cos it’s overdue. DAMN…I should have renewed them yesterday.

Hmm… yesterday….  Silly me, I thought I was going to be late for lecture. As I was rushing to those lecture hall at the UTAR block, I saw those people from my course.  Macroenomics lecture was cancelled….

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