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Who’s first? Who’s second?

Lately there’s a lot of debates coming up regarding our national anthem, Negaraku. I’ve been surfing around Youtube and I found that things getting pretty heaten up. Darn! it’s a streamy hot atmosphere inside. You get to see people insulting and flaming each other. Why ? It’s been because our national anthem sounds exactly like […]

Foods for thought Life Blog Malaysia Malaysian YouTube

Rudy van Dalm & The Royal Rhythmics – Terang Boelan (1963)

This is one rare piece of music uploaded on Youtube by slopbeat. I have no idea where did he get it. According to one of the commentor, when Indonesian President Sukarno launched “Konfrantasi” (Confrontation) against Malaysia in 1963 as British colonialist plot, he used to mock Malaysia by singing “Terang Boelan” at parties he attended. Tags: […]