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Who’s first? Who’s second?

Lately there’s a lot of debates coming up regarding our national anthem, Negaraku. I’ve been surfing around Youtube and I found that things getting pretty heaten up. Darn! it’s a streamy hot atmosphere inside.

You get to see people insulting and flaming each other. Why ? It’s been because our national anthem sounds exactly like Mamula Moon and Terang Bulan . Just click on the titles to download them if you wish to listen to them.

Looks like our fellow Malaysians just joined the Miner’s Guild and have been digging around for information regarding our beloved national anthem. It’s a  “chicken and egg”, who comes first? mystery. Ha Ha, google it and you find lots of speculation going around.

What caused this phenomenon in the first place ? Take a guess ~ I bet you know the answer. It’s the aftermath of the Negarakuku issue which caused so much controversy in the country.

Who knows, maybe one day, Pierre-Jean de Béranger’s descendent might come up and file a lawsuit against Malaysia. By then, we might not even have a national anthem anymore. Uh.. what a shame! Ha Ha ..  But then again, law is a pretty complex thingy and you can twist-and-turn everything. Furthermore, Copyright Act doesn’t exist at that time. There’s nothing much can be done about it.

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