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The Malaysian Culture

Today was supposed to be happy day for my friend cos it’s her birthday. Unfortunately, things went wrong for her. She was looking forward to her birthday last night and it was also the last day of her mid-term examination.

Little does she know, she became a victim of a snatch thief. That bastard snatched her bag containing her purse, cellphone, and few other valuable stuffs. She’s now totally dead broke and there’s gonna be lotsa explaing to do since the phone she was using, belongs to her sister. The only thing I don’t understand is, WTF are those passerby doing? All they did was just WATCH and NOT helping at all, despite the fact that she was yelling for help. Is this the Malaysian culture ?  

How dare that Malay bastard calling himself a Muslim, going around snatching other people’s belonging in the month of Ramadhan. This is totally outrageous ! Has the government not feed him enough that he has to go around stealing ?

I wonder why whenever a Chinese goes into a police station and reported a “Malay” snatched their stuff, the Policeman would ask to double-confirm that the snatcher really is a Malay or not. Why is that so ? Are they protecting them ? This is what happen when she went to file her report and this was exactly the same thing that happened to me 2 years ago when I filed a report of  snatch thief. I think they would probably discard the case very soon because it’s not important and it did not happen on a “Datuk”’s son or daughter. The police have “better things to do” than to care about such small cases..

Well, to that bastard who caused misery and trauma to my friend, here’s my “prayers” for you.

“ May your coming days filled with mishaps. All the consumed food you bought with the money you stole will cause disease to you and your family. Series of unfortunate events will haunt you and your family and your descendents. You future kid will be born without a reproductive organ so that will be the “last” of you. And when you die, hope you’ll rot in HELL “

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