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3 more papers to go

Finally down to 3 papers. I guess I can graduate this may. HOPEFULLY! I don’t wanna stay in TARC any longer. I just wanna get that darn cert and move on wih my life. Had enough with study. I’m not exactly those type of people who really like studying. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m… Continue reading 3 more papers to go

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My complaint works ! …. or maybe not

Two days ago, I wrote to Celcom, complaining to them about my SNAIL-slow 3G connection and the high latency problem which keep getting me Time Out everytime I tried to surf the net and my MSN connection kept being dropped off. Thus, making some of my contacts asking me why am I going on and off. I… Continue reading My complaint works ! …. or maybe not

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Celcom 3G Connection Outrage

I’ve been using Celcom 3G D120 since 2 months ago. I was satisfied with the connection in the first month. Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy the same quality since 16 Feb 07. The quality of the line has degraded significantly compared to the first month using it even though my connection shows a… Continue reading Celcom 3G Connection Outrage

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My 3G router… FINALLY………..

I finally received the router after so many weeks of waiting. That darned thing travelled all the way from Germany to Malaysia. Sigh ! If only a transporter exist ~ A moment of happiness then struck by feeling of disappointment. Silly me~ I couldn’t get to test the 3G connection as there’s no Maxis 3G… Continue reading My 3G router… FINALLY………..