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Verified by Visa for Public Bank Visa Electron

Here’s a guide on how to enroll your Visa Electron to a new service offered by Public Bank at to extra cost to enhance your PB Visa Electron. It is a Personal PIN similar to ATM PIN but it has 8 digits to add a second layer of protection against unauthorised usage of your card when you shop online. So far, I notice that Genting Highland online booking have already started to use this new system. For further information about VbV, please read Get Verified by Visa


Step 1. Point your browser to . Once the page has loaded. Scroll down until you see the following logo on the left navigation bar. Then click on it.

Step 2. You will see 2 options. Use the link for New Enrollment.

Step 3. Click on the Visa logo. Another page will pop up on a new browser. Make sure you have set “Allow popup” for domai. Else, you will not be able to see the new page.

Step 4. Fill in the form. Make sure you only put “000000” for the Credit Line. Note that this Credit Line only works for Public Bank Visa Electron. After you’ve filled up everything, key in the Mother’s Maiden Name that you’ve used when you sign up for your Visa Electron card. Then click Activate Now.

Step 5. Fill in the Personal Message. This PM is stored on the bank system. Only the bank and you knows about this Personal Message. The next time you make transaction at marchant’s site that require VbV, you will see the PM that you’ve submitted. This is to ensure that you’re not being directed to a phishing site instead. Use the keypad on the right to create your PIN. Click Submit when done.

Voila! You’re set to go on a shopping spree… if you have the money. he he he…

p/s : If you plan to put this on your site, please at least give me a credit or put a link back to me. I put a lot of effort and time in making this guide. Thanks.

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41 thoughts on “Verified by Visa for Public Bank Visa Electron

  1. Verified by Visa Enrollment successful!
    Your PB Visa card has been successfully enrolled.

    Yeah, thanks to Melvin. Perfect Guide for a noob like me. Didn’t know there is such things exist also. Thanks for sharing.

  2. anyone know what to do if my account block due to input the credit line wrongly exceed three time?

  3. All you need to do is to call 603-2176 8000 to unlock it. Just let them know that you’re trying to sign up for VbV and your account got locked. They will ask for some details. =)

  4. I also face the same thing. i call the card service center at 8pm but no answer.
    Who know what’s credit line? this field i am not sure about it… then the answer is my account is lock

  5. if you’ve read the entire post, I’ve written the whole guide for registering your Debit card with VbV. the credit line is 000000 . Please call them before 6pm.

  6. Thank YOU!
    You helped me a lot to find out what is the visa electron’s credit line!
    And now, i have already successful enrolled my card, thanks.

  7. hoho.. got locked as well.. but i tried it before i read ur post ekeke.. settled already with pb.. they will unlocked hihi.. thanks for this tip..

  8. Hi there, i dont know what is the maiden name. i never put anything like that when i was signing up. helppp

  9. Actually, for mother maiden name… you can just type in your mother’s name =)
    It’s just for verification purpose in case you need to reset your VbV PIN

  10. The personal message is meant for you to type something like that only you know. If you put something like “Hello there”, you will see that personal message during your transaction in any sites that is supported by VbV. It’s a form of verification so you can identify phishing sites.

  11. oo. thanks alotz. btw one more question. wat is the cvv number? is it the number that printed at the bac of the card and near the signature part?

  12. CVV is the last 3 digit behind your card. first 16 digit is your card number and another set of 3 digit is the CVV. =)

  13. Odd, for some reason i tried many times to activate my card and it failed many times. This will be my fourth time calling just to unlock the account.

    I have been wondering, what cause it fail to verify? I know my credit line as the card is a credit card and all input information is correct but still fail to verify.

    I have tried to find answers to it and tried all ways to solve this problem but none could step forward with a valid answer.. IMHO, this Verify by Visa thing is really a headache.

  14. actually i don’t understand what is meant by creditline. AND as Melz wrote above ‘for debit card the credit line is 000000’ so how about credit card? is it the same as well?

  15. Actually the best way is to call up their card center what to fill in the credit line.
    That what I did previously. I got locked out the first time i tried to apply for VbV. Just making this post to help out those who are using the debit card. As for credit card, I might not be able to help..

    Anyway, if anyone of you managed to sign up successfully, do share it here. Thanks

  16. Hi, i had followed ur steps to verify my visa electron card. And it had stated successful.
    i tried to buy something online but it kept giving me this
    Runtime exception; nested exception is: deserialization error: XML parsing error: com.sun.xml.rpc.sp.ParseException:6: Illegal XML character 

    do you have any idea what this means? why can’t i continue with the transaction?

  17. urgent pls…. i need to book a flight ticket but have some problem for the credit line.
    ONSCREEN, may i know how you get to know your credit line?
    or any one else can help me? I am using Public Bank Visa Classic.

  18. Hi Candice,

    I’m not sure I get to you in time or not but here’s what I know. The credit line for normal credit card user is the credit limit which is stated in your statement. You may try it out. Do share with us bout your experience…

  19. Which card to you mean?
    Public Bank Visa Electron? If it is, this card is definately able to verify and linked to paypal as I’ve linked mine.

  20. I want to know is there a maximum spending limit per transaction because I want to use it to buy a laptop online.

  21. There’s no maximum spending limit for VE actually. The maximum = the amount that you put in minus RM25. Eg. Laptop RM2999 , you must have roughly around RM3024 in your card account. But make it RM3050 to be safe.

  22. hello, how i knw my visa eletron card ,still can use or not b”cos i allready a year no use already . can i use it back or no if i debit some money in.

  23. hey…i filled in the form as shown…but still cant…my account got blocked the second time…= =

  24. kah how: i think it’s the best that you call up their card centre and verify with them. they should be able to let you know the status of your card.

    icedcoffee : i’m sorry if the information published here is wrong. I’m not sure if the signing up process has been changed or not but it was right at the time it was being published.

    sorry if it caused inconvenience.

  25. is Public Bank Visa Electron VbV same as Maybank Credit Card VbV?
    coz i have some problem paying my online game with my Maybank Credit Card VbV. Some forum says that Public Bank Visa Electron VbV will solve my problem. Its been 3 month i tried to find the worldwide VbV that can pay my online game fees. Please help me!!

  26. hie GoN,

    for your maybank card, you’ll have to refer to Maybank2U website under the MSOS. u will have to register first. =)

  27. Hi melz it verified by Visa for Public Bank Visa Electron online free ?
    then how u will get that card .

    Now i just have public bank ATm , is it can verify to the paypal account
    because it want me to confirm my bank account ,,

    My account now is access limited

  28. Do not apply for Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secured! This only protects the banks not you. It can be hacked and you will be liable for any transactions including fraud. It happened to me. Check my post at LYN

  29. Maybank’s MSOS seems more secure by sending you a one-time-use transaction code to your handphone.

  30. Xuan, VbV now is very different.. they’re using OTP now.
    for transaction , they will send you a code on your phone to verify transaction.
    but you still need to register your phone number first.

    i think my post no longer applies cos they are using different approach for security now.. but bear in mind… even with MSOS or OTP, fraud still happens.. cos it happened to me 4 times.. some merchant doesn’t need OTP, MSOS or VbV to transact. =)

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