Prison Break

PRISON BREAK!!! OmG.. this is one helluva good series that you should watch… Finally finish watching it online using video streaming…  I’m waiting for the next season… Prison Break : Man Hunt …The new season will return on 21st Aug in the States… damn it!@!@!  I wonder will Msia tv station get the license to air the 2nd Season. sigh sigh! In the last episod of season 1, they finally get to escape from fox river…The cons rush a small hill leading up to the airfield and they see the plane waiting. The pilot fires up the engines and closes the door behind him, they can’t wait any longer. The five men race down the run way, squad cars charge in from the surrounding area. T-Bag stumbles through the woods, clutching his injured hand. The plane rolls down the tarmac, full throttle. The cons stand at the foot of the runway and try to flag the plane down, but it’s too late. The jet lifts off and flies over their heads. Celebration turns to panic. “What do we do now?” Sucre rasps, trying to catch his breath. “We run!” Michael says. The five remaining inmates run off into a field adjacent to the run way, the police chasing after them.  The end of season and to be continued in season 2 Man Hunt… pretty interesting series i would say….

stupid FS blog… want to insert pic also cannot.. sigh! that damn MSN also another prob.. suddenly can send, suddenly can’t.. DAMN!

8 thoughts on “Prison Break

  1. Haha, i get to watch it before you do!!! If you watch prison break, you should watch “house” too. it’s about Dr. House and his 3 apprentices. I don’t know how exactly to explain to you that IT IS GOOD! mainly because of Dr. House and his sense of humor. I’m not sure if M’sia air it or not, but i think you should watch it online or something 🙂


  2. omg prison break nice meh u babi ah.. lost better la.. prison break -.-” onli weird ppl like u watch :X


  3. Aiwan : haha… if i have the time and the internet connection i would have watched it earlier as well… =p House is nice.. if got i also will watch hehehe

    -Orange- : apa weird? u tak paham then dun say ppl weird… Lost dunno what they trying to tell.. sumore i dun get to watch Astro… sigh.. how to finish it…


  4. yea, i agree tat prisonbreak is good. it kept me glued to my chair while i was watching it. GAN JEONG! I wonder wats gonna happen in 2nd season. are they gonna be put back into prison and start all over? hmm..


  5. hmm.. hard to say.. i don’t think they’ll go back.. furthermore veronica found terence already… while she unveil the truth the rest are still on the run… let’s just wait and see …


  6. i like prison break~~~~i started to watch it bcoz of michael~~~i feel he so handsome and cool lah~~~wuahaha…although sometime i dunno wat they say..but i really ove it so much~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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