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988 Radio Station Smiling Campaign

Suprisingly, last night, C.S,sms me about a campaign which her bro is organizing. To be exact, her bro, DJ Luke from 988 radio station is organizing some Smiling Campaign which i?m not quite sure what is it about. I don?t have much info about it but I doing a favor for him. What he told me was, he’s collecting pics for his campaign to make an entry into . hmm.. I think it’s Malaysia’s Guiness Book of Records. But i?m not sure what category it?s gonna be under. Oh well, to those who wanna participate just send your pic, IC number, Full name, contact number to me . I’ll be forwarding all the stuffs in one shot to him. Don’t worry, all your details are safe with me and will be deleted from my mail box after this is done. But if you don?t trust me with your details, you can just email me to get DJ Luke’s email instead. I?m just helping out. =p

988 Radio Station

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