Blog number 2

(i have no idea why i started blogging LoL…)

went out to Starbuckz with moi friends last nite… gotta ignore the pain while i get my regular doze of choc frap.. finally get to sit at the cozy sofa that could accomodate 4-5 person… usually there will be some couple sitting there… total waste of space when they only utilise only 2 of the 4 seats there… we don’t wanna share tables and sitting with strangers…

anyway, all i can say is that Starbucks in Seremban is not as good as those in KL or in Genting. The taste of my choc frap is forever changing and i don’t always get the same taste whenever i go there… Geez… did they discontinued fraps with rhumba chips or do they even know there’s such drinks in their menu? sigh.. i had it months back at the same place and they told me there’s no such thing.. *swt* the cashier said i’ll have to wait till next month for them to introduce a new drink (which i presume it’s gonna be the frap with rhumba chips).. meanwhile, they’re makin way for their BANANA frap.. OmG!!! I don’t think i wanna have that down my throat…

gee… cheoky and kathy are forever on their way… we’ve been waiting there for some time… those 2 are always late… lol cL brought his new laptop over and everyone gets a round play of O2Jam… that includes me.. LoL… not bad eh?

I’m stilla able to play eventhough i have stitches on my finger and palm.. hahaha… we head on for another “yam cha” session at Siang malam after that… I don’t really like it that actually.. kinda got bored of that place…

I went over to cL’s place as i needed his help to burn a DVD for my MAX Drive software. too bad the image files was in the wrong format.. Chatted at his place for hours and got back home at 5:30 in the morning… I have only 2 hours to sleep cos I have to go to KL at 8am… zzZzzz

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