PTPTN is a weird gov body

Months ago I went to PTPTN personally and made a lump-sum payment for my loans. Paid for the charges that i’m not supposed to be charged for. SIgh… Then I was told that I’ll be getting my Release Letter after 2 weeks. So i waited.. days goes by and and it’s already 3 months. Made countless calls to them but it’s a total waste of time.

Till 2 weeks ago, I decided to post a buletin on Friendster and posted a Citizen blog on The Star website. Guess what ? 3 days after that I received my Release Letter. That was not it. I just received a registered letter from PTPTN….It was to inform me that they are willing to return the sum for the excess charges to me. Weird… they say different things when i was at the PTPTN office. I was happy to get back those money but I wonder are they trying to fool around. There’s a Payment Received slip that I have to return to them in 14 days and it states that the Cheque that they sent me has to be banked in at banks that is fixed by them.

DAMN those fellas…. My college is not even listed in the list. So WHERE should i bank in that cheque ??

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  1. man, you’re not the only with problems w this ‘silly’ gov body..
    i NEVER was a ptptn ‘borrower’, never asked nor signed any agreement with them… then one day out of the blue, in my third sem, i found they’d deposited rm 3300+ money into my account once. i tried to give it back – straight up and simple… but was told to wait for letter/statement, wuteva.. 2 years later, ended up getting a letter saying they agreed to cancel my ‘agreement’ and charged me rm7000(double the amount given)…
    been spending the past 6 years trying to settle this… still trying.. and mind you, they’re charging me service charge for all these years too.
    talk about easy money for them, huh?

  2. that’s how dumb PTPTN is. but in your case, you should have seeked legal action. Since you have not signed any contract, you’re not bound to anything. you don’t have to pay them.

    But, I was wondering how did they get your details. e.g your bank account and stuff…

    my ex lecturer wasn’t any better than us. She graduated a year before PTPTN decided to stop to the policy for 1st class grad to convert loans into scholarship. Few months back, she received a letter information her that legal actions will be taken on her for not paying. She only receive letter that she’s being granted the scholarship but not any statement after she graduated. And now, PTPTN is taking actions against her… This is crap…

  3. hi i would like to give some comment about ptptn.
    i disegree when ptptn still charged me when i pay monthy before due date.i call the ptptn office to ask about that and they say this is because i pay not understand their procedure….but now i tired to pay ptptn so i didnt pay yet…the staff at the office cannot answer my question.anyway,did ptptn give any discount for student who get 3.50 above?

  4. that’s unfortunate.. all i can say is that they’re pretty slow when it comes to managing their payment stuffs.

    I think if it’s convenient for you, you should pay them a visit. see what they’re gonna say to you. Probably different from what’s stated in the agreement.

    PTPTN doesn’t offer any discount for their borrowers. There’s no such policy. Even if they say they’ll give you a rebate if you pay lump sum, they’ll try to give you all sorts of excuses so that you have to pay the full amount + interest no matter what. Easy money for them….

  5. Hie everyone… I heard from a friend that those who gets 2nd upper class need only pay half the loan amount. Can someone verify this? I was thinking of calling PTPTN but after my last phone call to them, I highly doubt I’ll get an honest answer.

    Anyway, what’s this kos pentadbiran that gave me a shock when I see the statement, was it in the agreement? Feels like I’m being robbed blind.

  6. I’m not quite sure whether that’s true or not. What did you ask them in your last conversation with them ? As far as I know, those people there love to ignore calls. They regards calls from public as nuisance to them unless you’re some Datuk’s son or daughter. It would be a different story. Whatever you hear on the phone would usually be different from what you hear from those clerks if you pay them a visit at their office.

    about the administration cost, well, it’s in the agreement but the value of the cost is not stated clearly. For example, I borrowed 10k but due to suspension I got only RM4899 and yet I have to pay RM5050. I heard their so-called admin fees includes an insurance policy in which PTPTN can claim back the money in case the borrower is deceased or maybe some other reason. Clever huh? Every student who are so keen to borrow from PTPTN got robbed in the broad daylight without them noticing.

  7. Hie Melz, thanks anyway. Well, my last phone call was probably more than 1 year ago. At that time, I was requesting them to verify that they had indeed received my loan repayments. After being passed around and ,you’re right, no one picked up my calls, I’m not too keen in trying again.

    The administration cost is unfair, mine was RM45-RM50 per month, and on top of the loan repayment amount, they’re sucking ppl dry. That’s about RM550 extra per year. I wonder if anyone has ever complained to PTPTN.

  8. you’re welcome =) I guess that’s what their job is. Sitting in the office passing calls around like kicking balls all over the field. At the end, they’ll just tell you that the person in charge is either on leave or outstation. I called them every single day for 1 month except for weekends and they gave the same lame excuse.

    well, you can now check your statements online. Have you tried that? But i’m sure it would take some time before the payment is reflected on their site.

    Base on what you told me, I’m convince that the admin cost does differ by amount borrowed. Did you compare them with your friends who borrowed from them?

    There’s been numerous of complaints against PTPTN but there’s no point doing so. Cos most of the complaints are supressed.Unless you bring it to the press but they still get away with it with some stupid excuses.

  9. Hi there, I had problem with PTPTN also! Now I am very angry! I just received a letter from PTPTN and stated that I still owned them money + RM 99.38 (interest) every month. I am a first class honour student and I have submitted the application to convert to scholarship on OCT, 2006. Then, I received a letter from PTPTN(I think on december) and stated that the document that I sent was not complete.

    I double checked the web site and knew that some of the documents need to be signed only by the MANAGER of ASS. MANAGER of the EXAM Unit of my university(how stupid is it?) then I purposely travelled back from KEDAH to KL to get the signature for that and send the letter again on February(if I am not wrong). After so many months, there was not any reply from them and I thought it has been settled as there was not any reply from them that stated I OWE them money until today! I WILL NOT go to KL to get the signature again and send to them again and let them throw away my application again ang again!!!

    I am planning to complaint to MCA or any related party now and publish it in the press. I think we all of all go complaint, our aplication or so ever will be processed better.

  10. wow.. it’s been some time someone dig up this post.
    well, as you all know PTPTN gives excuses such as too many application to process and a lot application delayed because of that. But in case you didn’t know, the scholarship conversion has been dropped.

    Anyway, I don’t think they’ll bother processing it anymore. Going to the MCA is a good choice too, provided that you have evidence that you made the application before the scholarship coversion scheme was dropped.

  11. yes. I knew about the scholarship conversion has been dropped. I actually received the PTPTN offer before that(2003) and I gradated on 2006. So, I am still eligible to receive the conversion.
    During Feb, MArch 2007, I did ask for the status of my conversion on March by e-mail. I tried to call them many times also but no body picked up my call or either gave me excuse that the person in charge was not in.

    What funny is, when I was angry on that day, I replied to the e-mail I sent to them long time ago and said that I will complaint to MCA or any related party. Then I received a reply and said that my application has been approved and I will receive my letter soon!

    The lesson of the story: Scared or threaten them and they will do th job for you. haha..

    I actually found this blog when I googlise “Stupid PTPTN” haha…

    If possible, can you help me to delete my previous post? as my e-mail is there. I do not want to receive SPAM to my e-mail later on. Thanks.

  12. Oh well, their person in charge is always not in the office. Maybe sipping tea from 8am – 5pm.
    Congrats anyway since you got your conversion approved. LOL I didn’t bother to threaten them. I just make a post in my blog and the star blog. And out of expection, I get replies within 2-3 days. Anyway, it’s a good way to practice our rights.

    Btw, no worries bout your e-mail. I’ve removed the line already. I still need your post just in case someone might read about the negligence of PTPTN management.

  13. Agree with you, they are always OUT OF OFFICE for the coffee break. hai.. I am still waiting for my letter. It has been about 1 week since then. I hope to receive the letter soon so that I can be relief.

    OK. Thanks for removing my e-mail. Hehe.. it is good to leave my post here so that the next person who has problem with PTPTN can read about it.

  14. happen to see this blog site!!!something to share here…I have a cousin graduated from local uni..took PTPTN loan..He said that after he graduated from uni, he called up the PTPTN hotline asking of how to make repayment. He was directed to pay at Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri. Went there to pay but was told that they didnt collect on behalf. Called up again PTPTN, asked my cousin to travel from Penang to KL to pay at PTPTN office ( so stupid, rite??) Every month travel toKL to pay. He give up after being “ding dong” here and there. THe best thing is PTPTN website shows” NAMA TIADA DALAM REKOD” when he check. Now suddenly he received legal letter . ( just spoke to him )..What to do???Ignore???He went to overseas after graduated..Never work in Malaysia…

  15. Thanks for sharing, Johnny. =) This shows another failure in their management.

    First of all, the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri will not collect the loan repayment on behalf of PTPTN without approval from your cousin. If you want them to collect, you will have to fill up a form and sign it. But I don’t think it’s recommended tho, I personally won’t rely on them for loan repayment. Who knows, the loan has been fully paid but they continue to deduct from you LHDN ? It’s pretty dangerous to let them manage your $$$ when their system is not proven to be working.

    I don’t like the either of being redirected here and there too. It’s a total waste of time and $$. Anyway, to make it easier for your cousin, he should get an online banking account so he can just pay PTPTN online if he’s not in Malaysia. Or just ignore this if he has already paid all his loan. =)

    Now back to that NAMA TIADA DALAM REKOD part. Well, I hope your cousin still keeping all the document of loans and repayment to PTPTN. This happened to one of my friend too. If possible, respond to that legal letter. Have all the document in hand and confront them.

    It’s important that your cousin comes back and clear all these shit created by PTPTN. Else, when your cousin comes back to Malaysia, he’ll be barred from registering stuffs in Malaysia. Eg. phone lines, properties, etc…. Even worst, he prolly will not be able to get out of Malaysia. This is just what I’ve been told. I’m not 100% sure of it’s validity. Hope someone sees this post and clarify all the doubts we have.

  16. hi all..sorry for the late input…just got off the call with my cousin…sth to share…he ask my aunty ( his mum ) to call this legal firm on his behalf…Imagine what the answer she got???My aunty asked how she can make the payment on behalf thru monthly?The person said…Pls write a letter to request for him and submitted thru bank when she making the payment..I wonder???Y submit thru bank???will the bank submit to PTPTN???I doubt so…Suddenly the bank become PTPTN ” pigeon bird”…heheheh

    I chk from my source..PTPTN claimed that will barred people from borrowing money thru CTOS system..My cousin name is not there at all…Wonder what happen???hehehe

    So far he doesnt have any problem..A few months ago, he came back to Malaysia to renew his passport..No problem..I think he is going to take up the citizenship of other country…how like that??Anyway there are whole long list of people still havent pay..heheh

  17. i think they actually mean to ask your cousin to do online banking. making payment through online banking account. But, I think that reply is kinda irrelevant at all. Cos your cousin wasn’t interested with the payment thingy but how to sort the legal stuffs.

    That’s the reason why I said calling them up is kinda useless and they just provide irrelevant and useless information. They’re more like a robot that replies to questions based on a template.

    Different department in PTPTN manage different things. Whatever they do there is not coordinated and organized. Dept A might have confirmed about some matter that need Dept B approval. But, in the end, Dept B doesn’t know anything about it. That’s why there are some cases where people already paid their loan but the payment was not submitted to their accounts & billing department. Like I’ve said.. management kinda sucky…

    Now, they come up with this stupid Online Application which really gives lots of problem to students. Their stupid server can’t cater everyone of tries to login to the site.

  18. Hi everyone,

    I am quit confuse on how to apply for the loan conversion, in graduated with 1st class and should be eligible as i took the loan in 2003. Can anyone tell me what i need to do or prepare (papers, forms, etc)


  19. Hmm I was browsing for a solution for my problem of filling in the on9 application form for ptptn…

    all is well until the KELAYAKAN part, where i am to fill out my education (SPM, GCSE, STPM etc).. but I can’t fill in the STPM part, cuz i took A-levels… but there isn’t the GSCE option???

  20. I just went tru my friend’s application page and I found out there’s no options for A-levels holder.

    Have you tried contacting PTPTN about this? But then, I guess they’ll be slow in giving you the answers..

  21. PPTN should make research and understand why most student unable to pay back the student loan.Their not understand that most student unable to find job.Even their find job and their only can work at supermarket or with RM800 salary per months.How their afford to pay back.When their luck to find better job with RM2k salary after few yeas.How their pay back if the kos pentadbiran is incharge.I pay my pptn each month and their still charge me RM47 per months.After one years,i still unable to pay back my loan because when i pay and their still deduct my kos pentadbiran(because i have jobless for few months).

  22. I don’t think the government will ever remove the admin charge (kos pentadbiran) no matter how many times we try to ask them to abolish it. The least we can do is to persuade them to “lower” down the cost of the admin charges.

    I have specially created a petition regarding this and anyone who wants to join the fight can do so by signing the petition at the following URL:

  23. Education is a very important aspect in life and PTPTN loan has helped many to pursue a gegdree and eventually become successful in life. I would think that eventhough the organisation is full of foults we should nevertheless aprreciate their services and the best we can do is to help them become a “organisation”

  24. uh..ptptn sucks…please someone brilliant with human heart manage it properly..
    u kill the spirit from all the people who wish to settle it down with that stupid interest charge.
    try to be like MARA, i heard once they created CONVERSION format which enable loaner to pay half of whole nice.. but at least PLEASE note that what’s wrong with paying back just exactly the amount??? -haha ONG..i also found this page when i pissed off this ptptn n searching STUPID PTPTN-

  25. yup, same here, was browsin for the stupid ptptn and bumped into tis blog…glad 2 c dat there’s so many of us sharin the same frustration…i hav made a lump sum paymnt in mid 2007, but was shocked when the ptptn input a “pelarasan” in my statement after 2mths Zero balance…of coz i didnt knw dat til i check my bal (just cudnt trust them u c, phobia) in Jan 2008 n was shocked dat they can actually made pelarasan aft i complete the payment n started chargin me kos pentadb, so made a call n started askin them y, again was bein kicked lik a ball, call tis no then call dat no…finally the reason they giv me is there’s a statemt in the web sayin dat we shud cal them 2 confirm the final amt if we wan 2 pay in lump sum, the charges they put in is insurance etc

    so lazy 2 reason wif them, i paid the “sudden appear amt” hope 2 clear tis once n 4 all, waited for half a yr stil cudnt get my Release the way, Melz, how 2 get the Release letter? need 2 submit anything? i jus wan 2 stop my relationship wif tis ptptn..phobia on the “pelarasan” u c

  26. hi,i would like to share my experience here.
    i have ptptn loan now.
    but since i am four year course,i should get four years loan .(make sense,rite?)
    but i am the sacrifice for the online application.Due to wrongly process for application,i only get three year money.
    Now the problem is i alredi sign the contract and the student affairs office tell me they cannot do anything more.
    and i write letter to PTPTN office,out of my surprise ,they reply me and told me that i deserve three year only.(haiz!)

  27. Hey ppl, i’ve diggings when i searched google
    for a mellifluous and productive forum, and i positiveness to what’s what here)
    if you deem my english crap… so be it, i’m unbiased learning

  28. Like the many of you, I am also another one of the victims of this so-called ‘noble’ organization! I have always met the requirements, which was to get a cgpa of at least 2.0(i’m a 3.0 pointer student), and in May i decided to transfer to Kampar Perak for a cheaper living cost compared to KL. Because my course was still not available, I had to wait till January to rejoin. Because of this deferment, Ptptn wants me to cancel my current loan, pay them back and reapply again. The problem is, money does not fall from the sky and I sure as hell do not have rm13000 to pay them back! My mum has been asking them since last May about my situation and they haven’t given me a straight answer! Now that I’ve rejoined here in Kampar and my mum went all the way to their head office to confront them, they are finally doing something about my case but they haven’t failed to be the pathetic people that they’ve always been! I’ve been trying to concentrate on my studies for the past 2 months but due to their constant calls claiming to need a million documents to confirm my case, I have been running around my campus like a dog in an attempt to keep my current loan instead of focusing on my main goal which is to get an education! Like I said, they call themselves the savior of poor and underprivileged students, but in my eyes, they’re nothing more than sadistic people who gain pleasure in abusing students for their own profit! I really hope that someday we can all gather and stand up to this Ptptn!

  29. huh..I might be the new victim this time!as for me,I started to pay on 2009 and due to 1st year and the amount is just RM1116,so I still can paid full amount for 1 year.transaction done through online banking.All settled..
    however,when calling to the so-called hotline,really as same as many of you stated,nobodies pick up.Called dozen’s of time but still the same.Although I can accept that government are quite busy cause they are “managing” whole country,but there are no such things as can’t answer even 1 I’m gonna ask for my payment status?? at last,just can depend on sending email for webmaster.But will they read?? since they have so much problems with all the borrowers..
    Do anyone have any other ways to successfully contact them?? Live far away,so don’t have the time to face-to-face!Face-to-face maybe “punch” them cases arise..hahaa

  30. and for Belle..ptptn are not savior for students.They earn alot!!!Just counting their management fee…How much we need to pay yearly or monthly..reconsidering that what is management fee?? what are they doing?? managing what?? A system/mainframe can settle all this management at once with updated information..Do they??
    Where is the convenience matter for us?? I really do wanna pay back all the $$ I had borrowed..but it hell so difficult,is that’s why 90% of them didn’t pay back??
    Please prove that I’m wrong!!!

  31. PTPTN SUCKS! PTPTN is CRUEL. PTPTN ruined so many people. PTPTN makes is harder for borrowers to repay.

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  33. Hi,I am currently in my first year of degree in INTI college. From the budget 2010, it says that anyone graduated with first class honor no need 2 pay back the loan to ptptn, is that true? And i’m from university college, i really do hope i can apply for the ptptn loan and work harder to get into first class honor so i don have to pay back the money.

  34. I guess we should unite not to pay at all. And we’ll just see how the ship is going to sink. Whatever the said at the counter always be different with the letter. I just curious why the rate, islamic concept, etc taking longer time to implement. What a waste time.

  35. I guess we should unite not to pay at all. And we’ll just see how the ship is going to sink. Whatever they said at the counter always be different with the letter. I just curious why the rate, islamic concept, etc taking longer time to implement. What a waste time.

  36. I’ve paid through FPX last month for Jan 2010. This morning I logon again to pay for this month Feb 2010..I can check the statement but the payment system was down..stil..and always down..I saw that my Jan payment hasnt been updated yet..but the “kos pentadbiran” itz like I havent paid anything for this year..but they are still charging me on the “kos pentadbiran”..dunno what are they actually managing on..even my statement is not but for sure we stil have to pay..we did use the money..i hate to do it coz it seems like endless but guez we juz have no other option..ya their tv commercial sucks..haha..

  37. hav anyone received lawyer letter or court letter then request to clear all balance, sommore end up need to pay ADDITIONAL fees (include lawyer, letter, court fees) etc?

    Am i suppose to pay them ?this Additional amount which is not in my statement?

    Appreciate for your reply.


  38. Wow. Amazing to know this is still going for 3 years now.

    I graduated in 2003. I still remember in 2000 when all the students sit in the hall and signed this yellow PTPTN contract. We all signed thinking it will help us. Anyway, I didn’t get any job after my graduation and didn’t start paying until Mar 2006. Even though the contract state that I need to pay RM200 monthly, I can only afforded to pay RM100. On Apr 2007, I got my retrench letter from the company. So, I stop paying until today.

    When the Minister announced the “kos pentadbiran” will be down from 3% to 1% starting June 2008, I am so happy. But, it lasted a few minutes only as I found out that I am only eligible for 1% if I have no outstanding amount.

    Well, as PTPTN insured our loan, maybe we should just wait till we died and let the insurance company pay it for us. Because I will forever still be in debt with PTPTN as I can only afford to pay RM50 nowadays.

  39. Hi Juz Me,

    I’m on the same boat as u, so what happened to your case? I’m so lost I don’t know what to do. Can u please share your case with me thanks

  40. Hi, just want to find out if there’s anyone who has actually successfully converted the 3% to 1% charge? The answer that I keep on getting is wait and re submit in 1.1. 2011 while the person at the office has no clue why the submission can’t be done.

  41. PTPTN sure is weird…. they post their hotline no. but everytime I called, no one was answering. I updated the Ujrah offer but later PTPTN replied, I failed to get the benefit of Ujrah without giving any reason.


  42. Hi, i’m planning to do my education loan from ptptn. but reading all the comments here, surely make me scared to do so. What should I do? should i make loans with ptptn or just forget it? I mean, i really need some financial aid to further my studies. Though i’m on my 4th semester already.For 3 consecutive semester, i got dean’s list but no one granted any scholarship to me. Pity me. That’s why i’m planning to make loan with ptptn. but i’m not sure if i’m going to do the right thing by borrowing from them. any advice? i really that. TQ. =)

  43. Hallo, I am not sure if you all have read about the salary deduction plan Income Tax and PTPTN want to implement. I know this been talking for some time already. Im just afraid we now going to become like Controlled State Singapore where they just deduct everything from you Bank Account etc.

    E.g. my unlce in S’pore have property/condo, migrate to Aust. and didnt pay the assessment bill for 2 years. Next thing he received letter from the authority informing him about his debt and that the debt already deducted from his Bank Account plus penalty coz this was allowed under the Singapore Act. Dont Play Play with Kuan Yew and gang maah. Now we all in Malaysia can also enjoy this type of controlled state situation, all we have to do is JUST KEEP QUITE LIKE LITTLE LAMBS LINE UP FOR SLAUTER maaah. I wish NAMWEE can write a song about this, can be funny wan.

  44. I applied for the Ujrah conversion in March, and it’s approved (as opposed to my other colleagues who have been rejected…) Possibly because I’ve been paying regularly… Anyways, am filling up the necessary documentations as we speak… Haven’t had any problems with the phone services either… But then am based in KK, so not sure if there’s any difference…

  45. I also have the same problem..I’m still waiting for my released letter for about 6 months…what should I do?????

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