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God Of War 2

A review done by my friend,


In case you didn’t play the 1st sequel let me give you some stuff here that will make you regret that you didn’t bought and play God of War.God of War blew us away with its style and commitment to making one of the most bad-ass experiences in videogame history. For an original game it was a stunning achievement and deservedly won high marks from practically every reviewer who went through it. It looked fantastic, played smooth, and delivered in just about every area. But after some time to think and reflect we decided that we still wanted more and that even in something this good there is still room for growth so we put together a wishlist of things we’d like to see in God of War 2.

Can you really play a game which is one of the finest action games to date and ask for more? Of course you can. That’s the motivation that constantly pushes the art of gaming further along. Pac-Man was a hell of a game for the time, but thankfully we’ve moved on well past that landmark in gaming history. So in that same passion for excellence in all that we see and spend several consecutive hours of our life playing, progress must continue. And if that next step takes place on the PS3 and blows us away again, then bring it on. We can’t wait.

If you haven’t played God of War yet, then there’s no reason to continue reading this article. For one thing, you need to go out and play the game right now. We’re not yelling and screaming about this game for no reason. It needs to be experienced. The other reason is that there are a couple of spoilers in here that are better left as surprises if you haven’t played it yet. But if you know the game inside and out and have finished it at least once, then continue on for our God of War Wishlist.

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