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bloody mess

it was indeed a bad day night for me…

there i was enjoying my sucky Streamyx connection while dipping into a jar of snacks… i had bad feelingz something gonna happen but i never thought that it would happen that fast….

all i wanted to do was putting down the snack jar on the floor… unfortunately, it slipped out from my hands and i thought i could have catched it before it hits the ground.. it was too late, i couldn’t even get hold of the glass jar, it breaks and my right hand rammed straight into those broken glass… leaving my hand in a gory state…

the little fingga was torned and flesh were stickin out … pieces of glass were stuck in betweem gaps of my middle and index finger… well.. imagine holding up a piece of paper and tear it apart…  that’s what happen there…

 blood were flowing like a stream of river..  geez.. that amount of blood can even fill a bowl…

since it was bloody serious i had to go the nearest hospital… went to this specialist centre… look kinda empty.. well this place was build on a cemetery ground..  eeriee… 

got my 7 stiches there and it cost me RM162.. TOTAL RIP OFF! darn AE injection cost 80 bucks…  igh… now that i couldn’t write anything my right hand anymore.. it would be useless for me to go back to college..look more like a handicapped person but i still can type with my left hand LoL

9 thoughts on “bloody mess

  1. my gosh! hope that you ar okay. may god bless you! recover soon and don’t eat ‘poisonous’ food like egg, prawn, dark soya sauce etc.

  2. hehe.. trying to restrain myself from eating them ady… thanks… so ya sold off your tickets already? =)

  3. aiyoyo,that day just saw you eating at that triangle land. and now ur finger got cut ady.
    anyway, hope ur finger recover asap ya. eat & rest well too

  4. haha.. leehoong… today dunno what will happen tomorrow laa.. haiz…. and hor i saw u in someone’s car .. heading somewhere also.. lol 


    joshua… i’m still in that dumb college..

  5. Whoa!

    If you just literally ripped your finger off, why’d you take a picture of it?

    The pain and the disgusting blood flow must’ve convinced you not to.. Unless..’re making this all up!

  6. it’s real.. just tat he has gone crazy ady so he published tat pic of his ugly fingers here..

  7. Gamesh : LoL I don’t really feel much pain at that time.. kinda used to it.. I don’t have to simply made up everyting… Not convinced? lol.. talk to the doctor who stitch ma fingerz… ahaha

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