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Dreaming to be a hacker ?

Slavehack ( is a really awesome game. Its a browser based online virtual haxxoring game.

What is Slave hack ?
Slave Hack is an online hacking simulation game, Slave Hack is NOT related to any real hacking !
All in-game is virtual, everything is made the IP ranges, software, warez etc.

Ok I’m not afraid tell me about the features?
To start with the best: SH is a free game, you never need to show your credit card.
You start SH with a very old (133Mhz, 1gb harddisk) computer, you will need to gather some hack software quick or else you won’t be able to defend yourself in this virtual world ! You can choose to live very defensive with as goal to collect great firewalls and live peacefully…Or choose to collect powerfull Firewall-bypassers and password crackers to hack computers and make them your slaves.

These hacked computers(Slaves) can be used to earn money or gain more power:
-Use them to send spam (Earn a few euros for every million emails).
-Sell warez (Illegally download one of the latest games and sell it online).
-DDoS and destroy an enemy computer.
…and more.

Slaves will co-operate gently…BUT make sure you clean out all log files now and then ! Otherwise your PC will be visited by some nasty admins very soon…You can also use logs in your advantage though: Check logfiles of other pc’s to track any online transaction… and then what? Hack the bank account wink.gif !

Goal of the game: Gather the best software and hardware around and hack as much player computers and NPC servers as you can to earn a spot in the highscore OR another goal is to obtain the power of pure pwnage and spread your clan all over the network.

p/s : I’m not encouraging anyone to hack nor I’m endorsing any hacking activities. It’s just a game. Have fun!

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