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When lightning strikes

It was technology versus mother nature this time. A flash of light followed by a loud bang and my AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) sparkled. I immideatly turned off all my electronic appliances in my apartment. Lucky me! My PC , TV and the modem survived the strike.

After the rain subsided, I trouble-shooted my AVR. Suprisingly, the power sockets are still functioning except for the phone line jack.  From my past experience, I think the spike came through the phone line. Well, at least the AVR stopped the current before hitting my modem. Else I would have take the hassle claiming warranty for both my AVR and modem as I bought it at two different places. =.=”

I guess I’ll have to get to Low Yat to claim warranty for the AVR. At the meantime , I’m surveying for another AVR and some good surge protectors. The only brand I had in mind for now is Belkin. Any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “When lightning strikes

  1. I have one of that too. It helps, a lot. Used to be when the computers at home when the mobo, hhd and modem crisped 2-4 times annually. I even have 4-5 half-burnt dsl streamyx modem from the prestigious moment.

    There’s a time when I’ve forgotten to plug in one of the computers at my home at it, and it was thundering. The only computer which went fubar was only that one.

    There are few cons of it. The spacing between the power sockets are too near. The typical black computer head plug can’t be inserted to all those three 3-pin power sockets. Its always had to leave the middle socket empty. (Maybe its only my AVR model)

    Because of the place to insert the socket is a bit with angle, using the common dsl’s PSU would be a little bit of problem since its sorta heavy and tilts down. Normally it wouldn’t happen if its connected straight to the wall-socket, but with the angle of the AVR sockets, the tilting phenomenon became much worse. With a bit newspaper folding engineering that people normally used for unbalanced table, it works fine. Still, I’m hoping for the dsl PSU to become like PS2’s or laptop’s PSU.

    Overally, if you’re living in hot climate country with several thundering appearing almost everyday, its very good to have one. If you have 3-4 computers like me, connected to the wall-socket almost 24/7, what’s the just-in-time to plug out all the plugs upon hearing the roar of the nature? Would you rather lose all your rare, hard-earned human autonomy study videos and downloaded TV series which are hardly ever on air in your local TV or just plain few hundred bucks for a simple device that lasts for years? I’ve been there, and I wouldn’t wanna go through it again. Ha ha.

  2. Cal-Lab seems to be good. My company is selling it but I’m using Belkin at the moment. Bought a few of them LoL

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