Streamyx died again

Bloody Screamyxx just died on me again. Their customer support are so darn stupid trying to avoid calls. It seems that 1300 88 9515 has been engage for the last 25 minutes. Calling 100 didn’t work at all. As soon as you pressed 2 for Internet services. The line just silenced.

WhaT the hell is wrong these moron doing anyway… What’s the point of advertising how good Streamyx is when it is still NO GOOD!

I’ve been hanging on the phone for almost half an hour. All I get is  “Sorry! All our agents are still engage blaa blaa blaaa. and Please ensure that your splitter and modem are connected properly” 

SCREW YOU!!! If it’s not connnected properly, I won’t be calling you TMNUTz at all… Sigh

Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES)

This afternoon, when I was on the way to Wangsa Maju for my lunch, the LRT jerked again before entering the tunnel near Sri Rampai station. But this time I knew it may not be a technical glitch which I always blame on. There was an article about Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES) published in The Star newspaper yesterday.

It is said that PIES is one of the safety measures implemented on the Putra LRT Rail. If you happen to be in Melati or Wangs Maju station, you might notice a stretch of red colour plates on the rail track. Beneath these plates are sensors which will activate the emergency stop when there’s anything more than 7kg landed on it.

This system will definately save someone who is dumb enough to fall onto the track and at the same time might also hurt someone who is inside the train when the train jerked.

So kids! Make sure your school bags loaded with textbooks doesn’t falls on it. =p

In my opinion, other than this preventive measures, the management should also implement safety equipment within the coach. Especially the doors. I’ve seen people got clamped between the doors while trying to get out. I personally experienced it once and it hurts.


Putra LRT Emergency Brake…… AGAIN!

Lately, Putra LRT has been more likely a public nuisance than a public transport. For the past months, trains has been delayed because of technical errors. Thus causing thousands of people either stranded at the station or in the “sardine can” (train coach packed with people) where you get all sorts of smells. Yuckz!!

Earlier, there was another incident when I was going back home from work. The train was on its way to Setiawangsa. All of the sudden, the emergency brakes were initiated, the wheels screeched. I saw some people were thrown forward. I was lucky that I had something to cling on.

I bet this isn’t the first or the second the LRT hit the emergency brakes. Could it be just technical error? or someone has itchy hands? Sigh..


Refunds by Touch ‘n Go in process

3 days ago I lodged a complaint regarding my Touch ‘n Go balance which had RM7.00 deducted as a penalty due to their system error. I’ve received replies from their Customer Service Executive.

This is the first reply I got…


“On 11/6/07, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr Melvin Wong,


Greetings to you.

We noted that there was maximum fare charge occurred on your card serial no. 1706412274 for your journey at KTM on 01 November 2007.

In the case of train fare deduction through Touch ‘n Go card, the occurrence of maximum charge may be due to ‘system error’ or failure of user to adhere to proper card usage such as,

1. The card did not have complete transaction (‘touch in’ and ‘touch out’ for previous journey either at KTM-Komuter, LRTs or Monorail) when touch for the new journey.

2. ‘Touch in’ and ‘touch out’ at the same station after more than 1/2 hour/span>

3. ‘Touch in’ at the originating and ‘touch out’ at the exit station execeeded time limit (> 4 hours)

4. Multiple touches at reader upon entry or exit station

We are keen in assisting you and would appreciate if you could furnish us some additional information on the reason(s) for maximum charge to occur, entry and exit stations for the transaction.

We look forward to receiving your reply soon. 
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Touch ‘n Go Careline Centre at 03-7628 5115 (7.30am to 7.30pm : Monday to Sunday). We will be glad to assist you.

Kind Regards,
Executive – Touch ‘n Go Customer Service”


Upon reading it, I feel that it isn’t a case of user-error.I then proceeded by replying her with more detailed informations in a chronological manner. And this is what I received just now..

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