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Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES)

This afternoon, when I was on the way to Wangsa Maju for my lunch, the LRT jerked again before entering the tunnel near Sri Rampai station. But this time I knew it may not be a technical glitch which I always blame on. There was an article about Platform Intrusion Emergency Stop (PIES) published in The Star newspaper yesterday.

It is said that PIES is one of the safety measures implemented on the Putra LRT Rail. If you happen to be in Melati or Wangs Maju station, you might notice a stretch of red colour plates on the rail track. Beneath these plates are sensors which will activate the emergency stop when there’s anything more than 7kg landed on it.

This system will definately save someone who is dumb enough to fall onto the track and at the same time might also hurt someone who is inside the train when the train jerked.

So kids! Make sure your school bags loaded with textbooks doesn’t falls on it. =p

In my opinion, other than this preventive measures, the management should also implement safety equipment within the coach. Especially the doors. I’ve seen people got clamped between the doors while trying to get out. I personally experienced it once and it hurts.


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