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I received a confirmation earlier as my domain urbanreality.net has successfully been transfered to TUCOWS . As I expected, my website was down for 3 hours. They did not help me update my DNS to my previous one but replaced them with ipower’s DNS instead.

So, I tried to login to my domain management page but kept getting error that says my user/pass is invalid. I had no choice but to get customer support. I guess it’s either they have limited staff or they just have too many customers to attend to that I waited for nearly 45 minutes. I was attended by this guy called Winston. He was able to solve my problem in just minutes. He just reseted the password and resend the account details to me.

After login into the domain management, the first thing I did was to change all the DNS to my hosting. I thought it would take 12 hours or more to have the DNS updated. It took only 20 minutes instead and I was able to access my site again. Gee… that was quick!  

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