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Online Gaming with Streamyx

I bet a lot of online out there would agree that Streamyx isn’t a very good solution for Online Gaming. Connection speed is on best-effort basis and not to mention the number of disconnection per day that I experienced. Back in hometown, my connection drops every 1–5 minutes after getting connected. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to stay online for 3–5 hours and then get disconnected.

For online gamers, they will surely get pissed of by the connection. Let me give you a situation. Imagine that you’re playing Ragnarok Online and you’re in the middle of the Guild War. All of the sudden, you connection drops. I’m pretty sure you’ll go @*&(@39869*@(*^&(@*#7923@!! ScREAAAAAAAMYXXXXXX .

That’s what my housemate does all the time. All of the sudden I’ll hear him swear. When he does, it means the Streamyx connection has dropped. LOL FYI, he’s a BlueServer DOTA gamer. Every disconnection suffered increased the chances of his account get banned. And those who played on BlueServer knows it very well that users can only apply for one BS account per Streamyx account.

So… TMNET ~ How are we gonna enjoy our games when the connection is still crappy as ever ? What’s the point of promoting JumboPlay when the game keep halting and crashing whenever you have a disconnection. Might as well just spend some money and get the game CD instead. Sigh…….

3 thoughts on “Online Gaming with Streamyx

  1. yea i totally agree with you streamyx is fuking suckish and they say best effort basis fuck im sure the people there dont even put in effort.dogs this is why we malaysians dont even bother to buy original cd games.take for example you bought the call of duty 4 original copy thegame has short single player.the reason that game is so popular is the online play,so u log on to play online excitingly and bam u bcome the laggiest dude in the game room.might as well buy b4 malaysia start trying to fight something bout tmnut screamyx first

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