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Credit cards

Hmm… I guess credit card is really a necessity nowadays. My friend applied for 3 cards from 3 different banks today, at the same spot in Jusco. Initially, she wanted to apply for HSBC card only. Until she got persuaded for another one with RHB, then another with Citibank.

Well, be it credit card or charge card, if the usage is not managed and planned well, it could trap the user into a financial crisis. Nowadays, you can see a clerk, teacher, government servant, executives, professionals, entrepreneur even a cab driver owns at least one card.

As far as I know, maybe 10 or 15 years back, Credit card is considered a symbol of status. Only those with high salary will be considered for credit card application approval. But these days, the scenario has changed. Credit card isn’t anything exclusive or a luxury symbol anymore. It has been a necessity for anyone and everyone. Even so, a charge card still maintain its status as symbol of credibility and the financial status of the user.

Getting a credit card is pretty easy nowadays. You can spot credit card agents everywhere in the shopping complex. Condition to apply for a card is quite lenient compared to the old days. If not mistaken, applicant must have an annual salary of RM18,000 or RM1,500 per month plus with a good credit record.

Anyway, here’s a UK based websites that have pretty informative articles and guides regarding Credit Cards. Other than guides available on the site, you can also compare credit cards and check out their interest free credit cards if you’re in the UK.

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