Jacky Cheung – Blessing

This is one of my all time favourite songs from Jacky since small..

I got nothing better to do in the office, so i actually made a translation listening to it.. lol


Here goes…


never ask or speak and let every go unspoken
let us quietly go through the moment
do not wave or turn back when i sing this song
as tears may start flowing

i hope this smile will always be kept in your heart
going through every season with you

so much for the worries and concern, life is inevitably bitter and painful
unfortunately, we only learn to cherish and hold one after losing them

it’s hard to let go of love
it’s hard to keep a person
we go our separate ways the moment we bid farewell
the cold and warmth
heart felt little by little

though the pain has parted
yet it still appears before my eyes
it’s just so hard to say goodbye
perhaps it’s just fate ?
something that keeps me looking forward to..?

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