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Streamyx is a DSL broadband internet service offered by TM Net Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Streamyx subscribers make up the bulk of broadband users in Malaysia due to the lack of alternative services from other Malaysian internet service providers, like JaringNasionCom and TIME dotNet. Broadband services rolled out by these companies have limited service coverage, because the last mile connections are monopolised by Telekom Malaysia.

Many Streamyx users experience difficulties while surfing the web. Unstable DSLAMs, oversold bandwidth and poor phone line quality that causes high attenuation leads to average speeds between 200kbit/s and 1mbit/s, a fraction of advertised speeds. Recently, TM Net has employed traffic shaping to selectively shape the transfer speeds of P2P services. Bad basic networking infrastructure, management attitude, and the fact that TMnet Sdn. Bhd. (which provides Streamyx ADSL/SDSL service) has a monopoly of Malaysia’s broadband market all lead to an overall bad internet surfing experience for users.

Many users have complained about the poor connection but it has fallen on deaf ears, in part because these users have no choice. Some customers who paid for a particular package were downgraded by TM Net without the consent of the customer while charging the original price the customer ordered. Such miscapping was thought to be gimmick by TM Net to save on its bandwidth. Calling to their customer service via the phone was a hectic process because of the long waiting and pending request from their operators and also technical errors was not being given serious attention until further complaints or umpteen times of recalling back to the station was made.

Dissatisfied customers have branded TM Net into several nicknames such as TM Nut, Total Monopoly Net, Tak Malu/Mampu (unashamed/unable) Net, and many others. Several local forums have already made numerous dissatisfaction threads about TM Net alone. Malaysian online gamers are unable to enjoy a better line when hosting or joining games from other countries compared with other foreign gamers particularly when using services provided by TM Net.

According to many subscribers, TM Net has failed to meet the Quality Of Service Standards set by the MCMC, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission that regulates broadband service provision.It is apparent from the commentaries of members of the Malaysian public that the general quality, speed of the service as well as speed of installation are of concern. TM Net very clearly does not meet the guidelines on the salient issues of network latency (no more than 85ms, 95% of the time during busy hours) and fulfillment of installation orders (100% of installation orders shall be fulfilled within 7 business days).

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