Tis the Season to be Stressed

Your report card is handed to you by a mother who is shaking her head; you failed two classes. Your boyfriend/girlfriend just called you and told you he/she wants to break up so he/she can date your best friend. Try-outs for the dance team didn’t go as you had planned, the list was up but your name wasn’t on it. Your grandmother died a month ago and your parents are now getting a divorce because of money isues. You seem to be prone to tragedy and because of this things might seem as though they won’t get better.

With the holiday season in full swing problems have begun to arise, not only in adults; credit card debt, etc., but in teens as well. Where can they turn to when everywhere they look there’s another headache?

Talk to someone, write your feelings down, as cliche as that sounds it works. Even if you sit down in front of the mirror and have a conversation with yourself. No, that doesn’t mean your “crazy,” sometimes just letting go of the words that are built up inside you and releasing them (i.e. saying them out loud) helps to relieve stress.

Go somewhere that makes you smile, maybe it’s under the tree in your backyard or just snuggled under the covers and try to clear your mind by rationalizing. Things will get better, no matter what. If the only gift you can afford this holiday season is the gift of life, your life, then that’s all anyone cares about. Enjoy youth while you still have it and don’t be afraid to express yourself and don’t be afraid to get the help that you deserve because you deserve to be alive and happy.

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