Road tax lowered on private vehicles from Jan 1

Road tax lowered on private vehicles from Jan 1 … Is it a good news or a bad news ?

Vehicle owners will have something to celebrate this New Year – lower road tax.  Yeah rite … What’s the point of lowering road tax when the fuel price rise ? We only pay road tax once or twice a year but we purchase petrol almost everyday.

“The Government will continue to find ways and means to lessen the financial burden of the people. We have decided that reducing road taxes and excise duties will benefit a wide section of society,” said Najib.  

“The move will result in the Government losing some RM250mil in revenue yearly,” he told reporters.

Najib said the public should not be unduly worried over speculation of an increase in petrol prices next year. 

“As of now, we have not decided to raise the price of petrol,” he said, adding that the Government was willing to forgo a substantial amount in revenue to ensure benefit for the people.

Okay, so what if the Government is losing RM250mil in revenue yearly when they could get it back even more with the higher price of petrol ? Do they have to mention it in such obvious manner that the Government is losing money just to lessen financial burden of the people ? Pretending to be an angel but a devil within.

The people should be worried since they’re paying for the fuel. As for the Government workers, they’re so damn lucky that they get all sorts of allowance. And where does all those money comes from ? US ! The taxpayers… Whatever the Government is doing will not just “benefit” the people but “bigger benefit” the the Gov itself.

2 thoughts on “Road tax lowered on private vehicles from Jan 1

  1. RM10 – RM50 road tax reduction is nothing man, that’s just roughly about 80 sen – RM4 monthly reduction. Petrol reduction is much welcomed than this plain old trick they already pulled last year :p

    Govt shouldnt waste our money sending man on space and on other useless building.

    And now, shit.. they restructured the KWSP scheme to 70/30 for the ‘benefit of the workers’.

  2. PETALING JAYA: There will be no increase in petrol price, Finance Minister II Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop said Friday.

    He dismissed rumours that the Government would increase petrol price soon, following the recent reduction in road tax.

    “Is petrol price going up? The answer is no,” he told reporters.

    He, however, did not say if oil prices would remain the same throughout the year.

    What’s his point anyway? Dismissing rumours ? Sigh, he did not state that they will not be any changes in the future. That doesn’t mean that we have to put off the thoughts that the fuel might increase anytime…

    I agree with u as well… Sending a man into space is more like a “syiok sendiri” plan. Who cares if we’re able to send someone into space ? In the future, space travel could be something common.

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