Sleeping Tips

Can’t fall asleep at night? Have you never experienced the “I fell asleep before I hit the pillow” type of deal? You toss and turn for hours, becoming an insomniac? Well, that’s me too! Here are some really good tips for you to try, and they should definitely work if you’re serious about doing them!

Physical Things

Try a warm glass of milk a little while before you go to bed, it acts as a light sedative and calms you down. A few hours before bed – exercise! It’s been proven that it helps, plus it’s good for you. But don’t do it too close to when you plan to sleep or else it might just keep you up.

Create a Strict Schedule

You might have heard this one before–it’s pretty well known. Put yourself on a nice schedule, allow yourself as many hours of sleep as you need, which is usually 8-10 hours. So when you make this schedule, you might need to ease into it, but never break it! Even if your favorite show airs a new episode at that time…tape it, and go to bed! I also recommend washing your face and doing your nightly routine about half an hour before you plan to go to bed, because if you’re like me, washing my face really wakes me up. Another thing – don’t sleep late on weekends!! It’ll ruin it all.


Get a Snuggle Pillow

Do you remember when you couldn’t sleep without your special stuffed animal? Well, most of us had that problem. The fact is, it might still be that way! But shh, we won’t tell, or make it obvious. Get a body pillow! When I got my first body pillow, I fell right asleep with snuggling that thing – it’s amazing! They run relatively cheap, too. They range from $8.00 on up.

Decorate Your Room to be Calm, Soothing, Restful…

It can be a really big project, but once you’re done, it’s worth it. You can paint your room, for example, in a pastel color, or your favorite, and a white ceiling. There are many places on the Internet, in books, and even in magazines on how to do this step, and if you take a small amount of time to look, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the results. This is a major step although, I hope it’s alright with your parents first!

Don’t Eat Large Meals Before Bed

This is major no-no! Your digestive system will be working away, and it’ll keep you awake! Another reason not to do this, is that you may take in more fat if it’s all digested when you’re sleeping; definitely a bad idea! If you feel hungry at night, eat a small snack a few hours before you go to bed. Try a granola bar, handful of nuts, or some low-fat string cheese. Definitely stay away from sugary snacks too, such as ice cream and cookies.

Other Tips:

  • Keep your room dark, and at a nice setting of temperature, try to avoid being under layers of blankets.
  • Don’t take sleeping pills before you ask your doctor!
  • Relieve your stress before trying to sleep. Some ways to do this include: meditating, praying and thinking of completely different things.
  • Don’t take naps! If you absolutely must, then do one close the same time every day, or not at all.
  • Don’t try too hard – it might make it worse. Get out of bed and do something until you feel tired again.
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