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It seems like 3G is gettng popular and Celcom is having a promotion for their 3G card. They currently offer 3 package which is the Pay-per-use, D99 and D120. With the 3G connection, you’ll be able to surf the web with the max speed of 384Kpbs and the upload speed of 64Kpbs. I plan to subcribe to Celcom 3G since the apartment I stay in doesn’t have phone lines and I don’t wanna get Streamyx and get tied up with their contract cos I’m only gonna stay there for another 5 months. The good thing bout what Celcom is offering is that I can just cancel the subscription anytime I want.

Difference between UNLIMITED PLAN and PAY PER USE PLAN:

Take example of downloading 20 MBytes of Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft download center.

Pay per use plan:
Celcom charges 10sen/10 KByte = 1 unit
(Note: 1 kByte = 1,024 Bytes)
Monthly fee: RM 0.00
Download charges:
20 MBytes = [(20*1024kByte) / (10kByte) ]* RM 0.10 = RM 204.80
Upload charges:
500 kBytes = [(0.5*1024kByte) / (10kByte) ]* RM 0.10 = RM 5.12
Total charge (Monthly fee + DL + UL) = RM 0.00 + RM 204.80 + RM 5.12 = RM 209.92

Unlimited Plan:
Celcom charges RM 99/month
Monthly fee: RM 99.00
Download charges:
20 MBytes = [(20*1024kByte) / (10kByte) ]* RM 0.00 = RM 0.00
Upload charges:
500 kBytes = [(0.5*1024kByte) / (10kByte) ]* RM 0.00 = RM 0.00
Total charge (Monthly fee + DL + UL) = RM 90.00 + RM 0.00 + RM 0.00 = RM 90.00 per month

Hope you get the point here.

Celcom’s 3G is running at peak speed of 384 kbps. Download files from reliable sites, i.e. Microsoft.com could obtain DL speed of 320 kbps or more. So your download of 20 MBytes file will complete in less than 10 minutes. If you do this with Pay per use plan, you already lost RM 200 in 10 minutes.

I just heard from a friend of mine, some idiot received a RM20k bill from Celcom because he thought he was using the 3G unlimited plan. Well, if you’re going to apply for Celcom 3G, do confirm your registration with the agent. There are a lot of complaints from other users about their 3G subcription because the agent marked their application as Pay-per-use instead of Unlimited usage.

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  1. Did you know that there was a roadtest by a team from Mobile World Magazine recently on 3G in Klang Valley?

    Basically they went to 15 locations in Klang Valley and tested the 3G connection.

    To summarize:


    Average Download rate
    – Celcom 3G : 330.8Kbps
    – Maxis 3G : 155Kbps

    Average Upload rate
    – Celcom 3G : 55.2Kbps
    – Maxis 3G : 45.1Kbps


    – Low reading for Maxis 3G at some locations, eg. KLCC Park besides Menara Maxis
    Celcom’s reading: 368Kbps (download) 59.4Kbps (upload)
    – No reading for Maxis 3G at some locations, eg. PJ State, 7-11 along Jln Yong Shook Lin
    Celcom’s reading: 364Kbps (download) 59.4Kbps (upload)

    If you can get your hands on Mobile World Magazine (Dec 06 issue) or go to
    http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r92/work_liao/celcom_3g_b eat_maxis_3g.gif
    if you want to see the full article.

    Who’s the top dog? Celcom!

  2. Thanks for the valuable information, Michael… hehe.. it wil definately save me from headache as I was worrying about the connectivity in Wangsa Maju area. Well, now i’ve decided. I might sign up for Celcom 3G once i get my 3G router. =)

  3. Haha, I took a peek at the uploaded article. Cool! Check out Celcom’s average download rate
    – Celcom 3G : 330.8Kbps compare to Maxis 3G : 155Kbps!

    Way to go, Celcom!

  4. the connection speed still varies in certain areas though. My neighbour is using Maxis WI-broadband. Both our connection par with each other… reaching 112Kbps only… that’s in Setapak Indah area. I’m not sure about other area.

    The speed might be affected by the number of users I think. I’m not sure. I read it from some forums. =p

  5. I work near Citibank area (Ampang). I must say I am pleased with the service I got, er… it’s the service that makes me powerful (Celcom =D )

  6. thanks for dropping by. i’ve just started using Celcom 3G for less than a month. So far, still okay la. Somewhat satisfied. Most of the time only get 2-3 bar. Sometimes worst. Got GPRS connection only and able to get 4 bar in the middle of the night.

  7. i have 1 friends that his D99 packages every month is always thousand…some bill reach RM4000. Today i just get D120 package and I scared if i download thing such as movie use Limewire, Torrent, or Ares I will received the bill same as him. So the question is, anyone here that use D99 or D120 that always downloading movie or sound receive the bill until thousand or just exatcly the same as package description.

  8. Stewart, to my understanding D99 is for those who are already subscribed to Celcom telco services as an add on. I’ve been using D120 for couple of months now and always downloading musics and videos but not torrent. I haven’t have such problem. My downloads usually exceed 3GB a month.

    You have to ask your friend to verify with Celcom whether he’s really on D99 package cos sometimes the clerk might have signed up the wrong package for their client. This happened to quite a number of people already.

    Anyway, don’t worry about that. I don’t think you’ll be billed thousands while you’re on unlimited plan.

  9. That’s right. Celcom rules man…
    I’m already use Celcom 3G D99 about 6 month and currently download around 50GB and my bill just add up RM99 for each month. Stay at Klang Lama and the line is working perfectly even that time got heavy rain.

  10. I am subcribe Celcom Daily Unlimited and Using Nokia E65 as a modem. Most of the time my connection drop to gprs and speed is around 20KB/S. Very slow Connection. I live in Serdang Area. Should I use 3G PCMCIA data card to replace my E65.

  11. Hey, anyone tried playing any online games or CS16 on Celcom 3G? What’s the average latency/ping? If its good (around less than 90) then I might get myself one. Mainly that’s the only reason for me to hook up with the 3G right now. (other than work related reasons).

  12. My 3g celcom is always extremely slow only 13kbps download and upload -worse.

    Im located at Sibu (3G to 3.5G available)

    Is there solution to solve for my problems?

  13. why sometimes my broadband show the popup and tell the wireless connection not available and not connected????and after that the internet hang and after 5 minute internet will be ok???plz help me coz i’m really tension about this problem..

  14. @Sammy:
    Words said that 3G also comes with high latency. So, you’d probably get more than 200, who knows. Scouts/AWP doesn’t work very well above 90 latency, don’t they? I have a friend, he played RO, on his 3G line. He’s doing fine.

    @iza: disable all other network cards except the one you’re using for the ‘broadband’. Or, you might have driver conflict. Try updating.

  15. for your information…

    8bit = 1Bytes

    kbps = kilo bits persecond

    kB/s = kilo bytes persecond

    384kbps = 48 kB/s

    100mbps(LAN speed) = 12.5mB/s

    i use software name Orbit Downloader to download flv file from web youtube, dailymotion, metacafe n other.

    gprs download speed(celcom gprs coverage) 3-4kB/s (24-32kbps)

    edge download speed(digi broadband) 5-6kB/s (40-48kbps)

  16. i’m using celcom 3G RM68 unlimited pakage over 1 year… now.. i got speed not more than 60kbps.. celcom caping my line for no reason…. i’m pay every month… what i got like tmnut 1515 dialing.. fuck asa bitch.. good in lier….

  17. If you want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for 4/5. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed pieces. Thank you, anyway!

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