Final Fantasy XIII

The long awaited , the most anticipated , the most tempting GAMES of all

Final Fantasy XIII was officially announced for the Playstation 3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. The intial trailer showed a very futuristic setting, one that we have never seen in a Final Fantasy game before, and a female protagonist (who could possible be the main character) fighting a bunch of guards. Her weapon was a sort of “Gunblade” and no, not like Squall’s, this one was a gun that transformed into a blade.

The girl fought a bit like Yuna, jumping around and pumping the bad guys full of lead. The battle system seems very “active” and fluid as there was a mass of enemies on screen and it looked like it went into a cutscene and back out of it with no load times. The game looks to be a true testement to the Playstation 3’s power. Not much else is known about the game yet.

Links to watch the sexy babe kick ass  Grin
I’ve watched the video myself and i considered my ass got kicked by the stunning graphics and the gameplay is awesooome!

The name for the whole FFXIII series has been dubbed “Fabula Nova Crystallis”. FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS, defined in Latin as “the new tale of the crystal,” is made up of several different titles based on variations of the FINAL FANTASY XIII universe. However, while each title in the project features different characters, different worlds, and different stories, all are ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos.

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