It’s illegal to use Bahasa Malaysia incorrectly

I was reading Kenny Sia’s blog the other day and I came across the post. In my opinion, it’s a rather dumb act by the government by imposing such fines. It’s ridiculous. They should fine themselves first since  we’re using “Saya-punya-KAD” and our proud “SIBER-JAYA” LoL

If their intention is just to make sure Malaysians use standardised ENGLISH rather than MANGLISH or what we call rojak english, they should try other approach as solution. Imposing fines as much as RM1K is crazy and it is not a small amount. I wonder, if they are trying ask us to use proper English, what about those WORDS they borrowed from English ? There’s just so many words that is taken from English and some other languages as well.


One thought on “It’s illegal to use Bahasa Malaysia incorrectly

  1. Talking about using proper BAHASA MALAYSIA or B. Melayu or whatsoever… hmm.. i just saw a ad from the newspaper…

    The ad were regarding . obviously, it’s owned by u-know-who. So, should the government FINE him/her ? weird eh? MyKamera or “AKU-PUNYA-KAmera”. KAmera comes from an ENglish word but how do u pronounce it in MALAY ? “KAH-MEH-RAH ?

    too bad i can’t post the pic here.. stupid comp lab that doesn’t have java enabled on their pc.

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