I got paid by PayPerPost!

I finally got paid by PayPerPost yesterday. I actually signed up for the account for quite sometime cos someone told I could make money with my blog. Ha ha!

The account was laying dormant till recently I decided to grab some opportunities to earn a few bucks. Few weeks back, I made two post earlier regarding credit cards and free online coupons. Although the amount the amount of money that I’ll be paid for isn’t much, it was enough for me to start off with.

It’s certainly not easy for a beginner like me. For every post submitted, there are certain requirement you have to meet. For instance, you have to write a minimum number of words for the post. Then insert links or images that are required into the post.

For some opportunities, a custom tracking image needed to be inserted as well. It is a transparent image or link which is compulsory be copied or pasted directly in the post. Most of the opportunies states the number of days for the post to stay on the blog.

I actually encountered some problems with my submission. Make sure there’s no other links than the one required or stated in the opportunity. Else, your post might probably be rejected. Other than that, make sure you get your own Disclosure Policy as well. It is needed by PayPerPost.

At the meantime, I would probably spend the money I earned to invest in some domain name. =p

If you’re interested to make money by blogging like me, join PayPerPost now!


2 thoughts on “I got paid by PayPerPost!

  1. hi there, i’m having a problem with submitting my post…can you help me on how to insert the custom tracking image? i’m so dumb in PPP, pls help…thanks a lot

  2. sure..
    just copy the tracking image code…
    then switch your post editor to HTML mode..
    just paste the code anywhere in HTML code or paste it at the end of the post and you’re done =)

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