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PizzaHut Online Ordering

PizzaHut (Malaysia) just launched their Online Ordering system not long ago as a follower of Dominos Pizza  who launched the the first online pizza ordering website in Malaysia.

I made my first order earlier and my pizzas came 40 mins later.  I know they’re suppose to come in within 30 minutes or I’ll get another piece to chew on =p . But, my apartment is within 45 mins range of their nearest outlet.

Online ordering was easy but they have much more to do to improve their online ordering system. It’s good that they’ve linked their database of customer’s phone numbers which allows you to speed up your registration as the system will lookup for your phone number in the database and comes up with your home address if you’re a existing regular customer.

But, sad to say is that, their system still lack of options to change address, adding new address, modifying your details in case there’s any errors. Hopefully they will work on it soon. Overall, I still think they’re still behind Dominos, in sense of online ordering…

Anyway, nuff said for now. Time for me to sink my jaw on 1 large and 1 regular that I’ve just ordered….. ALL BY MYSELF… muahahaha


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5 thoughts on “PizzaHut Online Ordering

  1. hey, what happened to bigmouth@austnet mirc? izzit dead or something? or is ther a new place wher serembanians hang out in mirc? i miss d good old days. so pls reply. thx.

  2. Hi Melz,

    Juz drop by to say hi…Previously mention abt my blog rite???but unfortunately, i write in Mandrine. hahaha…anyway, take care…

  3. I browse through your blog, then found a very interesting topic abt PTPTN. I’m oso one of the “victim”, whereby I need to pay Admin Fees RM40++ – RM50++ per month. Damn u…PTPTN

  4. hey melz
    remember me
    i was bigmouth biggest enemy
    coz i use to spam b4
    last time i stil small… so i spam
    now i mature ady
    hows things

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