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Hmmm… what happened to Day 3?

Location : TARC computer centre…. (pc here worst than those in the library)

Usually i would prefer to go to the library. Connection there is a bit faster. Laziness took over me and decided not to walk too far from the back gate. It’s gonna close at 6:30pm.

well, i guess there’s not much happening yesterday. Went out to take my lunch and stay at my apartment to accompany my lovely Shion from Xenosaga … LoL

I just remembered something happened while I was taking lunch at some Indian restaurant. Half way chewing my food, two guys walked in. One were Indian, the other were a Malay. That Malay guy should be ashamed calling himself a Muslim .. Sigh… It’s not even his Buka Puasa time. I heard one of the waiter asked that guy to leave but that guy insisted that he’ll stay and asked the waiter to pretend he’s not there. What on Earth is he trying to do? It’s an offense for a restaurant  to let Malay to walk in to their premises to dine when they’re fasting. The restaurant could face a license suspension.

well, on second thought it was none of my business. Thinking of that matter makes me lose my appetite. hmm, back to my Xenosaga… I’m on the edge of finishing Chapter 17 after 15 hours of game play. So far, I find the game is pretty interesting. Battle engines slightly nicer than XEno 1 and 2. I recommend this game to those who owns a PS2. The game did caught my attention when I was reading GameAxis and I decided to buy it. Well, all i can say is that, the game really makes me glued to my chair.


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