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A boring Holiday “Get-away” in Kay Ell – Day 2

Like usual, here I am in the library of TAR College with absolutely nothing better to do than just surfing around and writing my blog. Just received my approval mail from Google Adsense that my application has been approved. But still, I’m not sure how to put them on my site. Geez…. Need Help here!! anyone??

Not much happenings today. Just like every other months, I’ll have to take a 25 mins walk to the housing developer office to help my landlord pay his maintainence charges. He should be the one doing all that. He ain’t busy, he’s just lazy. I saw Miss J (the girl that works in that office) when i almost reach the office. On the way out for her lunch maybe. Sigh.. should have gone out earlier. So i don’t have to wait for her to come back…

Took my lunch at a nearby restaurant while waiting for Miss J to come back. How boring….. 2 hours passed and she finally comes back! Thank God… LoL Went back home after that . I wanted to continue my Xenosaga III game but I was too tired after that “afternooon jog”. By the away, anybody playing Final Fantasy Dirge of Ceberus ? LoL That game really gives me headache. Too much movement in the game giving me nausea.

I’m currently playing

  • Prince of Persia : The Two Thrones
  • Suikoden IV
  • Need For Speed : Most Wanted Black Edition (ALmost finished the last round)
  • Xenosaga III
  • Final Fantasy Dirge of Ceberus

Got any nice games to intro???

One thought on “A boring Holiday “Get-away” in Kay Ell – Day 2

  1. Dude seriously you must get your paws on TheGodOfWar its kinda like mixing all “Arnold” muscle like and Rambo type actions but without BIG GUNS that is. And in extra there’s alot of violence and Gore in this game, for me this should spice up your gaming experience. In example , when you saw a treasure box you’ll simply control your character to open it. WHAM your character opened it without any fuzz. Back to reality, in this game all the objects, switch or puzzle requires you to not only pressing the button but the main character “Kratos” will be having alot trouble opening up boxes and switches. Mostly will need you to repeatingly pressing the buttons to open up boxes or switches which is really cool as you could eventually feel the strength needed to initiate such moves. Overall a “must-buy” game!

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