Petrol price increase by RM0.50 per litre

There’s possibility that the price of petrol will be increased by RM0.50 per litre by year end. I’m not sure when but probably right after New Year. Well, I’m not sure of the validity of this news. But this is what my mom found out from the petrol kiosk operator. More like an inside news.

I guess it would be a suprise for everyone. Those rich people will not feel any effect of the price hike. Sad news for people like us who don’t even earn enough to eat. Sigh.. HAIL to the Government for such great gift on our New Year.

8 thoughts on “Petrol price increase by RM0.50 per litre

  1. PETALING JAYA: There will be no increase in petrol price, Finance Minister II Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop said Friday.

    He dismissed rumours that the Government would increase petrol price soon, following the recent reduction in road tax.

    “Is petrol price going up? The answer is no,” he told reporters.

    He, however, did not say if oil prices would remain the same throughout the year.

    Hmm… rumours eh? Well, be it rumours or not, he still didn’t say that the price will remain unchange.. Which mean they would raise it anytime. Geez.. i wonder what are they trying to do now…

  2. sad to say tis..petrol price up again!! afta petrol price is increase what else will increase??? EVERYTHING!!! and wat is not increased??? OUR SALARY!!!

    gosh..i wonder wat are the gov trying to do??? wat is our pm trying to do???

  3. Govt is trying to kill us.. what else?
    RM2.70 now.. In august, they gonna review AGAIN… maybe even raise to RM4 per litre… not sure if that’s true.. but i heard it’ll base on quota… we’re allocated a quota to purchase petrol in a month, and if we finish that quota then we’ll have to buy petrol at RM4 /litre..

    Cost of living also rising….except our salary.. Sigh…

  4. It’s time to change and adapt to the new price and lifestyle. Stop complaining, there’s nothing you can do too. Don’t drive to yam cha… Find a place nearby and WALK there instead…

  5. Hmm.. MIGRATE… i would if i could..
    Anyway, i’ve already adapted the way of life here in Msia from the day I was born… I grew up in a harsh financial condition… THEREFORE, it’s NORMAL for me to complain aye?

    Btw… I don’t enjoy yam cha sessions and I don’t drive to yam cha…. I’ve been walking here and there for the past few years.. I could even walk a few kilometres just to get myself a nice meal… So, don’t say that I can’t take it… TQ

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