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Online Gaming with Streamyx

I bet a lot of online out there would agree that Streamyx isn’t a very good solution for Online Gaming. Connection speed is on best-effort basis and not to mention the number of disconnection per day that I experienced. Back in hometown, my connection drops every 1–5 minutes after getting connected. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get to stay online for 3–5 hours and then get disconnected.

For online gamers, they will surely get pissed of by the connection. Let me give you a situation. Imagine that you’re playing Ragnarok Online and you’re in the middle of the Guild War. All of the sudden, you connection drops. I’m pretty sure you’ll go @*&(@39869*@(*^&(@*#[email protected]!! ScREAAAAAAAMYXXXXXX .

That’s what my housemate does all the time. All of the sudden I’ll hear him swear. When he does, it means the Streamyx connection has dropped. LOL FYI, he’s a BlueServer DOTA gamer. Every disconnection suffered increased the chances of his account get banned. And those who played on BlueServer knows it very well that users can only apply for one BS account per Streamyx account.

So… TMNET ~ How are we gonna enjoy our games when the connection is still crappy as ever ? What’s the point of promoting JumboPlay when the game keep halting and crashing whenever you have a disconnection. Might as well just spend some money and get the game CD instead. Sigh…….

DOTA BlueServer Quiz Answers

My housemate was having trouble figuring out all the answers for account registration quiz on BlueServer the other day. Not being a WarCraft DOTA fans myself, I feel that it’s kinda weird that people have to answer questions regarding the private DOTA server in order to register for an account.

Anyway, I’ll just cut the crap and go straight to the point. My housemate stumbled across this site that contains all the answers to the quiz. I’ll just share it here in case someone needs it. =p

Blueserver Registration Quiz Q&A

Blueserver quiz question & answer 1
Who or where to report leavers?
*Users Management Forum -> Official Banlist

Blueserver quiz question & answer 2
What would you do if someone keep insulting you even you advised him or her not to insult you again?
*Get all the valid evidences and open a report at Official Banlist Compilation

Blueserver quiz question & answer 3
When is ban points getting removed from an account?

Blueserver quiz question & answer 4
What is the main objective of Blueserver?
*Creating an ethical gaming environment

Blueserver quiz question & answer 5
if you lost your password what can you do?
*Use the “Password Reset” that located at

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Screwed up kingdom monarch in Utopia

I got back into Utopia after 6 years stopping. Initially started playing it in year 2000. Kinda got addicted to it. I thought this time I’ll land in some good Kingdom. Damn! I was wrong. The King is pretty screwed up. A province got threatened just because he doesn’t wanna give his account information to the King. This dumb monarch’s friend wanted to play in the same Kingdom but this “victim” refuses to give in. Guess what’s their tagline now ? “ Play for the Kingdom, or the Kingdom play with you.” Pathetic!

Sadly, the province got “raped” by the dumb monarch henchmen. The rest couldn’t see the real picture behind what’s happening. The victim posted conversation between him and the monarch in the game forum but most of his post got deleted. Things doesn’t look good on his side now. He sent me his log. Seems like that stupid monarch give him some choice.

1. Give in his account details

2. Get p4wn3d.

3. Or defect.

As far as I know, trading accounts are not allowed in Utopia. I’m really dismayed by what’s happening now. Still deciding whether to defect or just delete the damn account for good. Who know’s I might be targeted next. Sigh…



Dreaming to be a hacker ?

Slavehack ( is a really awesome game. Its a browser based online virtual haxxoring game.

What is Slave hack ?
Slave Hack is an online hacking simulation game, Slave Hack is NOT related to any real hacking !
All in-game is virtual, everything is made the IP ranges, software, warez etc.

Ok I’m not afraid tell me about the features?
To start with the best: SH is a free game, you never need to show your credit card.
You start SH with a very old (133Mhz, 1gb harddisk) computer, you will need to gather some hack software quick or else you won’t be able to defend yourself in this virtual world ! You can choose to live very defensive with as goal to collect great firewalls and live peacefully…Or choose to collect powerfull Firewall-bypassers and password crackers to hack computers and make them your slaves.

These hacked computers(Slaves) can be used to earn money or gain more power:
-Use them to send spam (Earn a few euros for every million emails).
-Sell warez (Illegally download one of the latest games and sell it online).
-DDoS and destroy an enemy computer.
…and more.

Slaves will co-operate gently…BUT make sure you clean out all log files now and then ! Otherwise your PC will be visited by some nasty admins very soon…You can also use logs in your advantage though: Check logfiles of other pc’s to track any online transaction… and then what? Hack the bank account wink.gif !

Goal of the game: Gather the best software and hardware around and hack as much player computers and NPC servers as you can to earn a spot in the highscore OR another goal is to obtain the power of pure pwnage and spread your clan all over the network.

p/s : I’m not encouraging anyone to hack nor I’m endorsing any hacking activities. It’s just a game. Have fun!