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Screwed up kingdom monarch in Utopia

I got back into Utopia after 6 years stopping. Initially started playing it in year 2000. Kinda got addicted to it. I thought this time I’ll land in some good Kingdom. Damn! I was wrong. The King is pretty screwed up. A province got threatened just because he doesn’t wanna give his account information to the King. This dumb monarch’s friend wanted to play in the same Kingdom but this “victim” refuses to give in. Guess what’s their tagline now ? “ Play for the Kingdom, or the Kingdom play with you.” Pathetic!

Sadly, the province got “raped” by the dumb monarch henchmen. The rest couldn’t see the real picture behind what’s happening. The victim posted conversation between him and the monarch in the game forum but most of his post got deleted. Things doesn’t look good on his side now. He sent me his log. Seems like that stupid monarch give him some choice.

1. Give in his account details

2. Get p4wn3d.

3. Or defect.

As far as I know, trading accounts are not allowed in Utopia. I’m really dismayed by what’s happening now. Still deciding whether to defect or just delete the damn account for good. Who know’s I might be targeted next. Sigh…



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