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What is AGLOCO?

You might already know that almost everything you do on the Internet makes money for someone else. And that’s not just when you spend money. Just about every time you view an ad, click an ad, search, buy something, download something, join a community, or post a story, picture, or video, some person or some company is making a fee, commission, and/or sale from your activity.

After you join AGLOCO, you’ll download a piece of software called the Viewbar. It’s like a toolbar that sits at the bottom of your desktop. Essentially, it collects on your behalf some of the revenue you would usually generate for other people while you conduct your everyday browsing. Then, it returns most of this money to you. (The Viewbar is in beta testing and should be available to all users by early March.)

Why does this work? You win because you now get your share of the money for doing what you would normally do. AGLOCO management wins by keeping a 10% cut of this revenue. And the companies win, since they get your business. All you need to do is have the Viewbar up on your screen while browsing the Internet like normal.

The most valuable part of AGLOCO is its members. By referring others to AGLOCO, you provide them with value and for that, AGLOCO thinks you should get some of that value you provide.

AGLOCO takes privacy very seriously and keeps all of your personal information strictly confidential and secure. Some other popular Internet companies take your personal information, use it, profit from it, sell it to others, and then give you nothing. AGLOCO will not share ANY of your Membership information with any unauthorized third party, and YOU share in the profits made from more personalized advertisements.

There are a whole bunch of ways AGLOCO makes money on behalf of members. Here are just a few quick examples.

First of all, the Viewbar has a search function you can use to search Yahoo, Google, etc. Every time you use this search bar, the AGLOCO community makes money.

Second, the Viewbar has space for a text-only ad (no loud, flashing banners – just unobtrusive text). These ads make money for the AGLOCO community.

Third, AGLOCO has affiliate programs with a number of online retailers. Buy from one of these sites and AGLOCO makes money.

Want all the gory details about making money with AGLOCO? Read the Simmons Report: AGLOCO.

Why should you join now?

First, it costs nothing to join and takes less than one minute.

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SerembanKia.Net forum is up

Finally, my new forum is up. Gonna ditch that old one. All my friends said that the URL was too long. So, I bought another domain dedicated to this forum. . Sound a bit dumb but I couldn’t get the single Seremban domain cos someone still owns it. Sigh, I hate it when they’re just parking their domain and not doing anything with it.

So, to those people from Seremban who are reading this. Do drop by and register yourself.

Currently, I’m still figuring out what topics and sections should i add in. I’m also looking for Moderators. At the moment, I have only one Moderator for the Mac section. So guys, if you interested to be one. Do sign up at my forum. =)

Oh My Gawd!!!

6 seconds to 100KM/hour, running 200KM/hour in housing area road……………. in a freakin CLK (Cacated-Large-Kembara) . No Way!!! That’s freakin ridiculous ! The Max speed for Kembara is only 180KM/hour and nobody would actually reach that speed before the engine blows.

Yeah, I would have expected that. I just realized that the damn speedometer was faulty. I was shocked when the gauge went pass 180KM/hour. Gees, luckily I’m not on the highway. Else, I wouldn’t know what speed i’m actually & it would result getting summon. As I was thinking,  something pop up in my mind. A scenario that might happen if I’m being stopped by the police.

Here goes….

Police : Kamu nak pergi mana ?

Me : Balik rumah, tuan.

Police : Tahu tak, berapa laju kamu jalan tadi ?

Me : Er, entah. Meter dah lebih 180KM, tapi macam slow je.

Police : Mana boleh lebih. Jangan main-main dengan saya.

Me : Betul la. Saya takde main. Saya rasa meter dah rosak kot.

Police : Meter rosak ke, tak rosak pun kamu dah lakukan kesalahan. Kamu pandu melebihi had kelajuan. Saya terpaksa saman kamu.

Me : Saya betul-betul tak tahu, tuan. Tak saman tak boleh ke ?

Police : Tak boleh. Ini peraturan. Kamu dah langgar peraturan. Bagi IC kamu.

Me : (Passes my IC to the police).

Police : Sekarang, I bagi you saman. Tapi ni saman RM300 tau ?

Me : Wah ! Saman banyak mahal.

Police : Ya lah. Ini memang kompaun biasa. Macam mana nak settle?

Me : (Act blur knowing that he’s asking for duit kopi) Apa lagi macam mana. Saya dah salah ma. Saman saja lah!


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