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Celcom 3G Connection Outrage

I’ve been using Celcom 3G D120 since 2 months ago. I was satisfied with the connection in the first month. Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy the same quality since 16 Feb 07.

The quality of the line has degraded significantly compared to the first month using it even though my connection shows a 3 bar full on UMTS/3G. My situation is, for the first month I was able to utilise the 3G connection at the rate of 120 -200kpbs DL / 56kpbs UL  with the ping time around 56 – 80 ms.

Running 3G connection under the same condition as the past month, I’ve noticed huge degration of quality of the speed. I get a lot ping timeout and transmission of data getting stalled for few seconds, sometimes even for minutes, though i’m still connected to the service.

Knowing this, I ran a similar test on the speed again. The result was outrageous. I’m only able to connect at the speed of 58Kbps DL / 45 Kpbs UL with the ping time around 200 – 1500 ms on a 3 bar full UMTS/3G connection.

My question is what could have caused such significant degration of download speed which is worst than a 56K dial up ? I’m sure it’s not because of the signal as I’m getting the same level of signal. Anyone having the same problem ?

I would appreciate it if someone would point out what’s happening to my connection. Else, I will have to terminate my subscription as I find it unworthy to pay RM120 a month to get Time Out pages all the time.

Just now, I tried the speed test again. The result was 36kbps DL/ 42kpbs UL with 267ms ping time. I wanted to post the image of the test but because of the bad connection, I couldn’t even load the result image page.

8 thoughts on “Celcom 3G Connection Outrage

  1. yea same with me too… i get good speed last year, but the speed connection sometime sleep (i think), when i download zip file, and try to open it, error message appear, why? because when i’m download, it STALLED, while i post this message, i’m already report to suruhanjaya komunikasi dan multimedia and celcom itself, still hope for improvement, but if still didn’t change, blh bla la celcom…

  2. I would like to ask here, what is the different in speed using the data card and The Phone ? currently I am using Nokia E 65, so sad. Connection always drop to gprs. 1st time it shows 3g connection then drop to GPRS..argg very slow just like dial UP. I am staying in Serdang area. Should I buy 3G data card?

  3. I was looking around for solution on Celcom 3G and it brought me to your page. Fucking 3G Celcom are so messed up!

  4. I have long subscribe to celcom 3g for 5 months and never miss paying the bills. But now… if celcom is shitting on me then I will shit at them back. I’ll use their service without paying 2 months bill, and wait until they suspend my account, and then go to hell celcom 3g. The data card rm1000 I bought was just a waste of money for the cheating celcom. I couldn’t believe it, how could there is a service like this in malaysia.

    Promotion like crazy, service like dumb ass, fucking shit celcom3g.

    If only I could use streamyx(student don’t have phone line), I could never come across this service.

    Another malaysian ‘X’ history.

  5. I can’t imagine paying near to rm100 for the wireless 3G, on top of their screwed up customer service & clueless technical support ppl. I’m using Sg M1 3G wireless unlimited plan with 2mbps download for only sgd$20 per month. The 3G usb modem (huawei) if FOC. The best part is i could used it for work in Sg and also the 3G signal could be received almost 5km from the borders, etc places like city square jb …

  6. Recently i registered online customer service. i personally feel the customer online website sucks. The login screen asked to enter user id and password to sign up. Not knowing that the user id must be our celcom number. After you register, the first time login the system automatically asks us to change the previous “celcom no” user id into preferred user id. So i put my name and its asks for security question hints in the case i forget my password. When i click save it then automatically sign off without giving any message. Again i tried to log-in. this time i have to try both ids (Celcom no. and new user id). Both fails. I call the customer service. She asked me to press forgotten password. What the heck. I still remember the password wat. So i just proceed with whatever she said. Later after a while I’m able to login. So Happily I hang the call. Actually I’m more interested in getting my statement account out so that I can put in my monthly office claim. I saw few menus and one of it was statement account. So I clicked it. You know what happened, The stupid system signout me automatically without notifying me. First I thought we need to login again for second authentication. Again I logged in. the same thing happened. Angrily I took my phone and rang this service centre 1300-111-000. Since I only have broadband account in celcom. I have to use my maxis phone and im not entitle for the free 1111 call. Then I called. The answering machine answered. As usual it asked me to choose language. Then it asked me to enter my celcom number with # key. I did. After a while waiting, the operator answered. Then he asks my celcom number again. Don’t the monitor in front of him shows who actually calling. I mean the phone number that I entered earlier. What kind of system they have. Then I reported the problem. After Checked the operator admits that the system having problem. So she asked me to try again later. Okei I tried the next day . the same thing happened. I called again, the same stupid process took place again. Again the operator said that the system still having problem and asked me to try from time to time and report again if the problem still remains. Don’t he thinks that I have other better task to do rather than testing their stupid system and report to them. Im not paid for that. Losing my patience I asked him if he can fax or email me the statement. He then put me on hold and passed me to billing depart. Another great thing happened, the PABX asked me enter the phone number again and select the language. At last they put me to the billing department. Then I asked the operator if he could email me the statement. He said they can fax over. So I asked them to fax over. Another great thing happened which boiled my blood. He said they will charge RM2.00 for each statement. Ofcourse RM2.00 is not much but. See again how much trouble I go through from beginning because of their fault and they still want to charge the RM 2.00. I angrily raised this question to the operator. You know what he answered. Sorry sir this is our SOP. I angrily asked him to pass to any available manager. He replied me that all managers are not available at moment as usual. Then he put me on hold after I said I will wait. After few minute he answered again said the managers are still busy and asked me whether I still want to wait. Then it that case I asked the manger to call me instead. He replied sorry sir we don’t practise that. Before I burst I just tell “Tak Payah lah” then I hang the call. Waisting my one hour and maxis phone bill.

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