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My first Google Adsense payment

I finally got paid by Google Adsense for the first time after 1 and half years of blogging. Although the earning were not much, I was somewhat satisfied with it.

Anyway, I made my withdrawal through Western Union last week. As mentioned earlier in my blog, I proceeded to CIMB Branch in KL Sentral. The queue was rather long but I guess it’s worth the wait. Before you queue up, make sure you’ve filled the form located at the form section. The form has a yellow colour heading.

I knew which form to take as this is my 3rd time withdrawing money via Western Union. You might notice that in the Receiver column there isn’t enough space to fill in a typical Malaysian address which is so freaking long. So what I did was, I only put my house number and the street name in the form. As long it matched your details in your Identification Card.

In the Sender column, I filled in

First name  : Google Inc.

Address : 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway

              Mountain View CA 94043


Telephone no: (650) 253–4000


Note that CA stands for California and 94043 is the Zip-code/ Poscode.  I printed out my Statement of Earnings as my reference. Make sure you fill in the exact amount that you’re receiving from Adsense. As for the “City, state/province, country money sent from” part, just fill in  CA, USA. Then fill in the 10–digit MTCN number you got from the Google Adsense payment detail page. And you’re done with the form.

Just queue up and wait for you turn. During my queue, I saw a lady transacting her Western Union withdrawal as well. The amount she was withdrawal was quite shocking. As I looked at the screen of the money counter, it stated 300. OMG!! 300 RM50 notes per form. She was holding 3 piece of form by the way. =.=”

Anyway, you’ll be required to produce your Identification Card for verification. At this moment, I had to be patient as the process will take a few minutes for the verification process before they can hand you the money. After the verification is done, the lady at the counter asked me what purpose were those money for. I told her it’s my online revenue income from Google Adsense. She knew about Google but she had no idea bout Adsense. She thought that I work for Google. Ha ha… I then told her it’s more like a advertisement commission. She just nod her head and said “I see” then she continued processing my withdrawal.

A Debit Note will be issued to you. There’s no transaction fees or charges. The rate I got for my conversion was USD1 = MYR 3.31 . Still considered okay. I hope the rate will stay at that level or higher. Else, my earning will much more lesser if the rate dropped.

All I can say is, withdrawal through Western Union is faster than waiting for a foreign cheque to clear. Foreign cheque takes 1 week or more to clear but Western Union is hassle free and so fast that you can immideatly cash out the next day

5 thoughts on “My first Google Adsense payment

  1. Almost the same process I went thru in the Post Office.

    However I didn’t get the Debit Note.

    Also the clerk didn’t ask me what the money was for 🙂

  2. Yep.. the first time i withdrawed WU from post office also since they handled alot of those money/postal order last time…
    They wouldn’t ask much about the purpose of the money…
    The reason why I go to a bank instead is that once I got the money, I bank in the money straight into my account. Although the amount is small, I don’t want to carry so much cash around.. hehe

    Thanks for dropping by =)

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