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Malaysian terrorist ?

Updates : The video has been flagged inappropriate and have been removed by Youtube.
I just found this video on Youtube. The clip showing 4 terrorist wannabe giving warning to Namewee (creator of Negarakuku) . Looks kinda stupid. In fact they’re insulting their own religion.

At Youtube page, a guy with the nick taopix left a message regarding the video, which I actually agrees with him. If taopix is a malay, I would definately respect him because he’s able to see things from a good angle. Here’s what he says …[README FIRST] THIS VIDEO IS NOT DONE BY ME. I GOT THIS FROM tolaba4. this is the link to the original video:

apparently, there were some twisted people who want to high-jack islam to channel their useless anger. these kinds of people who make muslims look bad. what a shame.

man, i DO wished namewee didn’t put the lyrics about islam in the first place. this is ridicilous!

i was just curious. why don’t they show their faces IF they’re so determined in their little cause? namewee showed his face. why don’t they have the same guts to do the same thing? kalo org melayu kata: diaorg ni takde telur ke? buat malu ada la.

*NOTE* video ni bukan aku yg buat ok. aku cuma copy drpd tolaba4. sebelum kita kata: hukum namawee sebab dia hina islam !!! … apa kata kita tengok dulu lirik negarakuku yg menyentuh pasal islam. sikit aje sebenarnya, seperti yg tertulis kat bawah:

Negara ini aku memang suka

pukul 5 pagi Ada morning call akan suruh aku bangun

Kadang-kadang beberapa ‘buah’ nyanyi sama-sama

macam tengah duet lagu cinta

Suara tinggi rendah macam tengah nyanyi R&B

Walaupun kadang kala sebahagian daripada mereka out of tune

Walaupun kadang kala sebahagian daripada mereka pecah suara

Ada juga suara yang macam kokokan ayam tetapi dia bangun lagi awal dari ayam

Macam ini baru kite tahu mase untuk bersiap ke sekolah dan kerja

so boleh tak korang bagitau aku, kat mana dia hina islam? takde kan? tapi kenapa la media (metro) duk sibuk gila goreng citer pasal sorang mamat cina ni yg hina islam gila2? aku rasa la kan, metro bagi focus pasal benda ni (org cina hina islam) supaya dapat menutup isu2 lain yg dibangkitkan dalam lagu tu. isu2 pasal org kerajaan buat kerja lembab, polis makan rasuah etc. itu aje. supaya rakyat tidak sedar akan segala keburukan dalam kerajaan kita.

takde sebab kenapa kita nak hukum si namewee ni sebegini teruknya (ramai orang ugut nak bakar rumah dia kat muar dan nak bunuh dia). Ini bukan apa yg Nabi Muhammad SAW ajar kita. cuba la mengucap dan berfikir secara tenang.

kalau la betul namewee buat salah pon, kita serah kan kepada pihak berkuasa. itu kerja diaorg.

just my two cents.

jika memberi komen tu, diharap berfikir dahulu dan pastikan komen anda tidak berbau perkauman ataupon bersifat jahiliyah. kita dah masuk tahun 2007 nih, jgn jadi mcam org primitif takde adab sopan.

thanks for reading this far. also check out by blog:

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3 thoughts on “Malaysian terrorist ?

  1. hi taopix here. thanks for spending the time to actually write something about that video. unfortunately, after more than 20000 views, that video was flagged inappropriate and violating the youtube terms; so it got deleted by the youtube censoring team. talk about freedom of speech in the US….

    anyways, although the existence of racist extremist like that is undeniable, there are a lot MORE malays that are against and detest people like those and just want to live peacefully with their family and friends, regardless of their race. those 4 does not represent anyone except the sick minded minority.

    peace. and i am a muslim malay.

  2. well, our malaysian politicians have to be blamed as they over politicised a small issue and now, it stirred up hatred in other malaysian hearts

    nobody’s right but all people shld put a stop on condemning anyone else anymore as it’s getting us to nowhere

    sad case for malaysia just bcuz of the politicians trying to gain political mileage

  3. Taopix,

    you’re welcome =) i accidently bumped into the video and saw your post. I like what you wrote there and it’s something progressive and matured. Unlike people who only talks about hatred and killings. If 60-70% of the Malays in country thinks like you, I’m sure they’ll be able to handle criticism in a proper way. You have my respect bro!

    It’s true that what these politician care about is that political standings. These mindless people are actually making Malaysia into a Joke of the Century where everyone in the world would laugh at us. They may be politicians but whatever they do shows that they’re still immature, playing around with a 3 year old kid’s game, pointing at each other when problem comes…

    It’s sad that they don’t think out of the box. It’s not just we’re moving nowhere but we’re actually moving backwards. Whatever Tunku Abdul Rahman did and what he fought for will be laid to waste.

    anyway, last night I came across a blog mentioning about slaughtering chinese. I believe no religion tell us to slaughter people. To me, religion is just a Living Manual Book telling one how to live life in a good and proper manner but not how to nuke each other’s asses. We all came from the same Almighty Father, don’t we ? Anyway, it’s just my 2 cents… Check out what this guy says at

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