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Month of Thievery

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Let me introduce you to a new event that is held in Malaysia at the moment. It’s called the Month of Thievery ! Every time when festive season sets in, thievery ops are on high. Burglary, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery, mugging, trespassing, shoplifting, intrusion, fraud. You name it! Those are the act of thievery.

This month’s trend is bag snatching. It happens everywhere, day or night, regardless of whether it’s deserted or crowdy area. It still happens even if all precaution were taken to prevent such incident from happening. Snatchers are everywhere, waiting for the right moment to strike when they sees the opportunity.

This month, a friend of mine became a victim of snatch thief. Her bag containing her mobile phone, purse, some other value items were snatched off by a Malay guy in just a flash. Guess what? Yesterday, while I was taking dinner at Wangsa Maju food centre, a girl’s bag got snatched in front of so many people. The girl’s friend gave a chase but the guy got off on a motorcycle as his accomplice were waiting for him by the roadside. Now you see how desperate people are? Well, let me tell you something. If you plan head of the police station and tell the police that the person who snatched is a Malay, they will ask if you’re 100% sure that the snatcher is a Malay?. I guess they just couldn’t accept the fact that the highest number of cases involves a Malay snatcher.


My girlfriend’s bag was almost snatched off while she was walking to college (happened in Setapak Indah) 2 years ago. Around the same time, my aunty got snatch-n-slash in Seremban. I’m NOT trying to DISCRIMINATE but those snatchers are Malay too. I know it’s kinda sensitive to bring in the word “Malay” when such issue happens. I’m SORRY!  But it’s an undeniable fact. BUT please hear me out. When I said “Malay”, it doesn’t represent all the Malays as I’m only refering to certain people.

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate who these thieves are. In fact, some of there thieves are government servant who stoled and robbed people in the broad daylight. Remember the case of a snatcher caught by a group of people in Ipoh, 2 weeks ago ? The snatcher turns out to be a policeman. And this case, which I’m not very sure how long ago, but it was a policeman who burgled someone’s house. Sigh! What a shame ! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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One thought on “Month of Thievery

  1. Wangsa Maju is such a famous place for these snatching/slashing/murdering occurences. That place is extremely crowded yet people can get away for stealing during peak hours.

    Great Post! Keep it up:)

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