3G Technology

Use 3G on desktop

Most of us thought that 3G can only be used on a 3G enabled phone or with a 3G PCMCIA card which is limited to be used on laptop only. Not many that knows the 3G phone can be used as a modem connected to either desktop or laptop. Those who know, would rather not use it to surf for a long period.]

 Let’s just say, you have a 3G datacard, and you’re switching between laptop and desktop computers. If you travel but don’t want the hassle and expense of buying duplicate interface cards for both your system. The only way to do that is to use  a PCMCIA PCI Host Controller card. This product allows you to use your laptop cards in both desktop and laptop machines. Because it is a PCI hardware solution that integrates seamlessly with Windows, your peripherals work with no loss of performance or features. It supports both the 16-bit PCMCIA and 32-bit CardBus standards, so you can use virtually any laptop peripheral card to expand the connectivity of your desktop computer.

This item is running on a RICOH chipset.

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