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Deja Vu

This is so freakin weird…

Just couple of days ago, I posted a Petrol Saving Tips . The next thing I know, Petronas is screamin their asses off bout raising the fuel price.. Gosh ! If only I knew what’s coming out for jackpot tomorrow ! Cos if I strike the pot, I don’t have to worry that I don’t have the extra $$ to fill my tank.

Hmm.. but then again, I’m still considered lucky that I don’t own a car yet. My family has only 1 car and I only get to use it when I’m back in Seremban.

Anyway, our DPM said there won’t be a price hike this year BUT Petronas’s proposal will be taken into consideration. Which means, fuel price will surely go up next year. And then the propanganda starts…. Sign board being put up telling everyone how good the government is, subsidizing the fuel blaa blaa blaa…

If really so, why did the government exports low-sulphur fuel to other countries at high price and import medium/high sulphur fuel for cheaper price for us to use ? Anyone who studied Geography in high school would know that Malaysia is rich of low sulphur fuel on the Sunda plates.

I remembered someone told me that fuel with higher content of sulphur can damage engine faster. Can anyone confirm this ?

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