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Vodafone 3G Router with WLAN

I’ve waited 3 weeks for my 3G router. Hopefully it will arrive by tomorrow or next monday. It’s quite a neat piece of gadget. It’s called Vodafone Zuhause Web & Talk.

This is a device which allows users to share a single 3G connection via wireless LAN. With this router, you can access high speed mobile data services when connected to Maxis or Celcom 3G network. It will also auto-switch to UMTS or GPRS according to the area coverage.

Other than being a 3G router, allows users to connect their normal telephone to it. You are able to make call with this unit, hence the name Web & Talk. You may insert a Mobile SIM card (with or without 3G, it does not matter) and then insert the card to the Mobile Slim slot in the route.Then you connect a normal Analogue phone to the phone slot and you will instantly be able to make a phone call using this router alone. No mobile phone is required. 🙂

Another nice feature. If you add a printer to this device you are able to receive incoming fax. However to get this to work you must first make sure your Mobile SIM card is enable for fax. I think the monthly fee is about RM10. Check it out with Maxis or Celcom. It’s easy. Just ask for data call. Once done you will be given a data call (or fax) number. Eg. 012-1234567 This datacall number is in addition to your mobile phone number. Hence you get 2 mobile numbers with one card. Then you print your fax number onto your name card. Now if someone send you a fax you are able to receive the fax message printed with your printer. Cool eh!!!

(Front view)

(Back view)


The 3 slots behind the router are the Fax (1) and Phone (2) slots. To the right are the USB and RJ45 slots. The top cover can be opened manually. This is where you insert the mobile SIM card to in order to use Internet (Web) and Make call (Talk). This is meaning of Web ‘n’ Talk.

The best part is that it has a Merlin U630 pcmcia datacard included. This datacard is being sold by Maxis for around RM1200

To conclude, this 3G router is able to accomodate 2 Mobile SIM card simulataneously. One SIM card (with 3G) goes into the Novatel Merlin U630 datacard. The other SIM card (no need 3G but with datacall enabled) goes into the SIM slot next to the datacard. So, you use this router to Web and Talk. Ah, and fax too.

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  1. Hi,

    I am keen to use Vodafone Zuhuase Talk&Web but I don’t know German.

    Is there anyway or anyone can help in this?


  2. Did you ever upgrade to version 2.50?
    I also just got my Zuhause Web&Talk Router a few days back.

    I’ve heard that it can be upgraded to HSDPA (3.5G) by swapping out the card.

  3. Nope, not buysell.
    Got it from a guy on the LYN forums. Got it for RM 600.00, was that a good deal?

    Thinking of looking for a U740 card to try to bring it up to HSDPA speeds. You had any luck with that?

  4. geez.. u got it cheaper than me. i bought it at RM715 including postage.

    anyway, i never thought of changing it to HSDPA yet cos i don’t have much $$ to spend on a new card.

    but do let me know if u’ve sucessfully tried that kay.. i would love to know the results.. =)

  5. i’m not sure whether they still sells it in the auction site…

    anyway, i’m planning to let go for around RM700 as this gadget originally priced at more than RM1500. Consider bout the Merlin U630 data + the Vodafone router in one.

    This router enable u to share the connection on a network and tru WIFI.If u don’t feel like using the router u ca even take out the card and use it on your laptop.

  6. hi pal,
    need help here, it keep asking me for celcom 3G Pin # which is 1234 right? i’m refering to the back of the sim card or where else can i find the Pin#.

    really appreciate, and thank in advance.


  7. hi ed,

    You got that right. 1234 is the default PIN. if u plan to change it, you can do it straight from the router itself. Or you can slot it into your mobile phone and change it there. =)

  8. I’m ordering this unit too but waiting for the person to reply me.

    Just wondering, can we manually select network mode, UMTS or GSM, or is it done automatically by the data card itself? That is because my area 3G signal is very weak, and Im afraid default “Auto Network” could make it to switch between UMTS and GPRS frequently and cause connection to be unstable.

  9. Cool.. it seems like a lot of people is using it already. Haha..
    well, this modem doesn’t work like the
    Maxis HSDPA modem. You can’t choose the prefered network. It will auto-switch. Settings is done through the router, not by the data card.

    And please bear in mind that, everytime you need to get connected to the net, you will have to log into the router and connect manually before you’re able to surf. =p AND the interface is in GERMAN but you’ll get to change it to English when you get into the admin page. Just look for the word Sprache and choose English from there =)

  10. How can you open up the top cover like in the picture? I can only open up the small area for inserting sim card

  11. oh.. i didn’t open the cover.. i got that pic from the person who sold it to me. just to illustrate what’s inside. =)
    anyway, i’m planning to sell my unit soon. can’t stand the bill. X_x

  12. According to the manual from the Cd, there is this feature of auto reconnection, but my unit does not have that. Does upgrading the firmware to v250 change that ? And where could i download the firmware ?
    Any Melz how much are you planning to let go of your unit ?

  13. Hi Michael,

    According to my manual, the auto connect feature exist too. I thought upgrading the firmware would fix this but I was wrong.

    I checked the source code in the web management. I can see the code for the auto connect feature is being disabled. I have no idea how to enable it. I guess v0237 and above , have this feature turned off.

    Anyway, I’m planning to let go between RM700 – 750. IMHO, the unit does worth that price.

  14. Hi,

    May i know,
    1. Can the router be used with a Celcom 3G data card on its own, without having the datacard?

    2. What is the MAX speed for the Router? The Merlin U630 pcmcia datacard can only support 3g(384kbps), right?

    Thanks for the reply

  15. Mrjus,

    1. I’m not very sure about that. I haven’t tried using a different card. But I’ve been told that Novatel datacards will work on it. Sierra cards too, if not mistaken.

    2. The Max speed is based on your datacard, your package and the coverage signal. The router act as a bridge to the datacard only.

  16. hie sfo,

    i’m planning to let go my unit as I no longer using it. Interested? Prolly sell it around RM680. Let me know if you’re interested. Maybe we can work out a deal. =)

    The unit is currently in Setapak, KL.

  17. I knew about the print server function through the manual but I never got it to work. But thanks for sharing mate~


  18. I’m using firmware v.0250, but i don’t like “Auto Logout”. With this firmware, i can’t monitor signal strenght every time i want, web management will autologout about 5 minute.
    Can i downgrade to v.0237? where sites to D/L?

    To open up the cover, release 6 screws at the bottom. Release 4 rubber stand easily by hand and you can find 4 screw. Then 2 screw locate bihind barcode serial Num and the other above IMEI Voice/Fax (dig it with screwdriver plz).

  19. hi aseti,
    sorry to tell you that upon upgrading the firmware there’s no way to undo that. That’s what the guy at onlinekosten told me. Anyway, I don’t monitor the signal strength by logging into web management. Instead, I look at the colour of the LED. To what I’ve observed..

    Green 4-5 bar
    Yellow-Orange 2-3 bar
    Red – 1 bar

    Sometimes Red can also indicate that the connection has dropped to GPRS equivalent speed.

    I once tried to figure out how to take out the sticker beneath. But then it’s kinda tricky go get it out without damaging it. So I did not proceed further.

  20. Hi, i just bought this zuhaus wab and talk. How can I operate it? The seller doesnt know wha tto do:( please help, anyone. Thankz..Riqo

  21. Who did you bought it from?

    Anyway, point your browser to while having the router plugged in. The login is “admin” and there’s no password. Once logged in, you should be asked for your SIM card PIN, just key it in. After that when you into the web management page. Look for a button that says Sprache then click it to change the language to English. I think you should be able to config it from there. =)

  22. I’m planning to use the Vodafone Zuhause Web & Talk in my home using CENTRIN unlimited 3G via X, but I heard from a friend that this Vodafone Zuhause cannot be used if i’m using that CENTRIN via XL service. He told me that there is sort of setting that the router cannot support.

    anyone knows ’bout this thing? or maybe one of you has been using the CENTRIN via XL service and found no problem.



  23. Hi Stanny,

    May i know what is the speed supported by Centrin via XL? What settings do you need to configure to use their service ?

    FYI, The max speed supported by this unit is 384Kbps. If it’s a stock unit that comes with a Merlin U630 datacard. If you’re planning for a higher speed, you can replace that datacard with another that support HSDPA. I’ve not done that personally though.

  24. Centrin-XL speed at 64 kbps on 3G area. But in GPRS area, speed drop to 56,3 kbps.

    Before you connect to the carrier, you must fill this (must open Router web-management) ;
    – Access Point Name (APN) : centrin.net.id
    – Username : (your’s password from centrin)
    – Password : (your’s password from centrin)

    see : http://www.centrin.net.id/support/wirelessxl-nokia.shtml
    Try to connect !!!


    Depend on your’s Windows, try to open “Internet Options” then LAN setting, fill;
    – Setting Proxy: proxy.centrin.net.id Port: 8088
    – Incoming (POP3): mail.centrin.net.id
    – Outgoing (SMTP): smtp.centrin.net.id

    See http://www.centrin.net.id/support/faqs-uwi.shtml

    Finally, try to PING or Browse to the internet.

    melz, is this router can support HSDPA card (after replacing)? How about firmware, web-management and what color LED indicator if receiving HSDPA signal?
    I think this router can’t support replacing HSDPA data card.

    I like this router, because can extend UMTS/HSDPA signal.
    See : http://www.binarywolf.com/249/diy-parabolic-reflector.htm

    I use parabolic antenna reflector, see :

  25. Stanny,

    Based on what aseti says, I think you should sak your friend or whoever using this unit to set the max connection to 64 instead of 384Kbps and try out the settings that aseti mentioned.


    Thanks for the info. Anyway, about replacing the datacard. I’ve only heard that it has been done in Hong Kong and it works. But I’m not sure whether you have to replace it with the same brand as Merlin or with some other brand.

    As for the web management, I’m not very sure about that.It could be the same or might have additional feature for HSDPA. I’ll try to find out about this and post it back here once I get the info.

    Then again, I think it might be hard to search for information regarding this unit as it’s originally from Germany and there’s not many people that even know how to fix this unit except them.

  26. Aseti,
    Thank you very much, you seem to be really understand the Centrin-XL connection. It’ll be a real help for me and I can’t wait till monday as the Zuhause modem I ordered from Jakarta will arrive.

    For Melz, I actually have the same question ’bout changing the data card to the HSDPA one. If it works, then the modem will really be more useful!! Thanks for your response..


  27. Addition LAN setting, you must add :
    – fill Gateway and/or WINS configuration with the router IP.

    And sorry about “Incoming (POP3” and “Outgoing (SMTP)”, these are for “Mail Client”

    For Win XP user and have Wi-Fi, you can use “Wireless Zero Configuration” to connecting through Router Access Point.

    Anyone know how to reset usage “Data transferred” or “Time connected”?

  28. hello..can the gateway be changed???..instead of, i change it to another ip #..like…plz reply this..asap!!!

  29. Hi unome,

    As for your question, the answer is yes. It’s quite easy.

    Go to Tools >> System Settings >> LAN

    In the TCP/IP Settings, set the IP address to But do not changes the value of Subnet Mask.

    in the DHCP Server Settings, set the start address to and end address to

    You might need to set the TCP/IP first then restart the router. But as far as I know, once you’ve changed the router IP address, the DHCP value will change itself.

    Try it out. Hope it works =)

  30. I’ve got my Vodafone Zuhause yesterday and It works so well !
    the router just has no problem with the Centrin XL connection.

    Stanny Ong

  31. not bad really. from the 64 Kbps that they promised me I got around 50 Kbps. Compared to another providers, I think this service is the best one considering the cost and the unlimited service that they give, and of course depending on the 3G signal in every areas…

  32. May i know this router support for Huawei E600 or E220 datacard? What settings do you need to configure to use their service ??

  33. faezah, i’m not very sure about that cos the unit I have is a stock unit that comes with a MErlin U630. I don’t the above mentioned cards to test it with.

    Btw, which service provider do you mean?? Previously I was using Celcom3G with the unit.

    Anyway, I’m planning to sell my unit as I no longer using it anymore. If anyone is interested please leave me a msg. I will try to reply ASAP

  34. yee,

    By default, the router username is admin and there’s no password. But you can set a password when you get into the router.

  35. i try to telnet to vodafone 3g router (ip=, the router response by asking username and password, but after trial several combination (including admin & (blank), admin & vodafone) i still failed to logon, anyone knows what is the correct telnet logon password of the router?


  36. Here’s a couple of tips when configuring the access point
    1) Make sure you disconnects the internet connection first before attempts to configure anything that requires a router restart. Sometimes the routers lost sync with the datacard when restarting without disconnecting the internet connection (DOH! Why don’t they automatically disconnect before restarting?).
    2) Use short names for computer name’s in ACL list. Longer name with length about >12 chars may cause the associated client have trouble connecting.
    3) Always log out through the logout button when finished configuring the access point, or else you won’t be able to access the admin web console from a different IP address.

    I’m using the firmware 2.63 yet these problems still persists.

    The access point may have certain unimplemented features such as unable to set a “UMTS only” or “GPRS/EDGE only” network connection, auto-connects the internet connection (perhaps disabled due to problem (1)), no WPA2 support.

    But despite its weaknesses, it’s a stable and real cool gadget which worths the bucks!

  37. I am using the Vodafone Zuhause unit and its pretty good. Its usually on 24/7 (I have the unlimited package). However, I am still in the dark about setting passwords for access (don’t want my neighbours watching porn out of my unit, would I?). Can anyone help? Currently I just monitor for any attached devices that are not IP that I’ve assigned.

    Anyway, there is one curious thing I noticed. In some pc (or laptop), logging on to the gateway doesn’t work on IE but works on Mozilla, and in the others in the other way around. Weird, but I suppose if some of you have difficulty in either one, try the other.

  38. I am using this unit. It works great ! The only thing I wish for is to get the HSDPA modem instead of the UMTS. I was told that the inside contains vodafone U630 pc-card, made by Novotel Merlin. Has anyone figured out how to upgrade this unit HSDPA modem?

  39. Before changing with HSDPA data card, remember that the router conection speed setting has limited up to 384 kbps.
    Maybe if there is an update firmware that support “xxx Mbps”, you can replease with HSDPA data card.

    (But I can replace U630 with other data card, just open the case and unplug U630.
    Because in my area not covered HSDPA signal, so i didn’t prepare HSDPA data card.)

    @ rardhian :
    – where is the link to download firmware v 2.63 ?
    – Another tips, Because there isn’t “Reset” button for “Usage by Data or Usage by Time” in web management. So, You can reset the “Data Transferred” or “Time Connected” by pressing “Reset Button” located in rear the router. But all of the router setting will rollback to default setting too.
    – Again, for long life the router you want. You must make many holes (on the router case) bellow the “Intel Chipset” for better air circulation.

  40. Hi. Where can I get the drivers for Merlin U630 for use with Celcom?

    O yah. I went to http://www.business.vodafone.com/site/bus/public/enuk/support/10_productsupport/laptop_connectivity/20_3g_datacards/40_novatel_3g/10_software/p_software.jsp but couldn’t fine one for Celcom …?

    Also to http://www.novatelwireless.com/support/sw-hw-downloads.html but also no Celcom …? I bought the card from someone a week ago but dunno how come his CD can’t be read by my CD-RW! D*amn it.

  41. TynTyn,
    If not mistaken you just need the drivers and software for Merlin U630. Not necessary to look for Celcom. Celcom is just the service provider and Novatel is the data card provider.

    Download the drivers / software for your Merlin U630 and get the settings right. You should be able to use it then.

    Btw, may i know where did you buy it?

  42. Hi Melz. Thanks for your response.
    The thing is don’t I need the Vodafone Mobile Connect (VFM)? I looked for it but couldn’t find one for use with Celcom or any GSM providers in Malaysia. I could see Hond Kong and UK (among others) share version 6 though, but am unsure if I should or can go for it. I’ll tell you later OK? :p

  43. Has anybody tried using this outside of a vodafone network? Is it possible to stick any sim/2 sims in the machine and have it work on other networks?

    Also, do you get the 3G capability when the datacard is removed or have no SIM? In other words it works on the SIM stuck in the router itself?

    Thank you


  44. Ruan,
    The router can work with other network if it’s an unlocked version. I used it with another service provider (Celcom) previously. It worked like charm.

    If the datacard is removed or when SIM is not inserted, you will lose 3G capability. The SIM will not get stuck in the router =) There’s 2 SIM slot by the way. One is for the telephone purpose and the other with the datacard.

    For latest firmware, you can also check out my post at http://blog.urbanreality.net/2007/10/19/vodafone-zuhause-talkweb-box-firmware-v263/

  45. Now I’m using v263.
    The one I like in this f/w is already “Reset” button in “Usage” section (like p.31 in Engl.User Guide)
    Make sure to “Disconnected” before using this button.

    But still missing “Upgrade UMTS Module” (see p.51 Engl. User Guide) to upgrade via web-management (without open the router case manually).

  46. yan,

    are you using a Merlin U630 on the router or have you changed it to another card?
    Try to unplug the power cable from the router, wait few seconds then plug it back and try accessing the management console again. Usually those error is caused by the datacard.

  47. Important note, if wanna operate the router 24/7 :
    There have been cases of WRT54G series hardware overheating sometimes causing router failure where the WAN and/or LAN are inaccessible. A temporary fix is to un/re-plug the power to the WRT54G. A better fix is to lower the temperature of the hardware by adding a fan to the WRT54G casing[18] which can be powered externally or wired into the router’s main power. The WRT54G series are packaged without a CPU heatsink and attaching a small heatsink, such as a video card heatsink, to the router’s CPU will help dissipate the heat. The CPU can be identified from its Broadcom label.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WRT54G)”.

    But in my vodafone, many holes (near Intel Flash TE28F640) is enough for better air circulations. Now my vodafone work 24/7 without WLAN not responding.

    About USB port for Print Server, i think this port can support Download Master( for File Server, HDD Server, Bittorent), FTP Server and WebCam Server.(Applications at http://www.thinkcomputers.org/index.php?x=reviews&id=542)
    I hope these features will adding in the next F/W.

    [Ask] Can I change Merlin U630 with CDMA data card? Maybe this can changeable like in Laptop. And I think this router bandwidth limit can accommodate the CDMA’s bandwidth.

    @yan :
    I don’t know with that problem.
    But maybe this link is usefull for you, http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=2945 , look at discussion #84

  48. some body help me

    i has bought this router last week, i want to used this router to send fax but i don’t know how to setup that. but for recieving some fax thir router can work properly.
    is it this router only to send fax or not for to recieving fax?
    if this router can recieving some fax can you tell me about that?

    plz help me

  49. I would like to know does the unit compatible with iMac OS X Leopard? Or does anyone know the official website to check the spec?

    I hav read all the above replies but there r something I still don’t get it.
    The router’s unit is not HSPDA am I rite? It can only goes up to 384Kbps even tho u sign up with celcom 3.6Mbps u still surf at 384Kbps top only rite?

    The datacard (supplied by the unit) can be upgraded to HSPDA by know how am I rite? May I know what is this datacard for? Is it same as one of those PCMCIA 3G’s card provided by the http://www.izzi.com.my/products.php? Use for when u r in the move?

  50. Hi again.

    Actually you can download the latest VFM software to install the required drivers for any Novatel Wireless U630 data-card brands like the one I mentioned (Tarjeta). Sorry for the troubles!

    How much was the price you bought that Vodafone Zuhause melz?

  51. @cesar,
    No more setup for using Fax capabilities in this router. Just plug and play.

    The router OS is Independent. So you can browse the internet at any gadget both PC and PDA that have Wi-Fi support.
    And the PCMIA data card in this router is the same as the other, so you can release form the router to use and plug directly to laptop.

  52. hi all,
    how to setup this router that will always be connected to the internet.
    its mean when its reboot (with any cause) will automatically connect to internet by it self.


  53. Hello everyone, i just bought vodafone zuhause box unit few days ago. This device works perfectly except it will get disconnected within 5 mins. I saw the led signal is orange probably 2-3 bars and not red. Is upgrading the version will solve this problem? Any solutions is very appreciated. Thanks

  54. help my vodafone zuhause unit asking me to type my pin number!! its not my sim card probs but its my unit.. now it block my connection and always lead me to pin code site..anyone can help me on this matter..im using celcom 3g unlimited service

  55. (ping Says:
    February 14th, 2008 at 5:22 pm
    help my vodafone zuhause unit asking me to type my pin number!! its not my sim card probs but its my unit.. now it block my connection and always lead me to pin code site..anyone can help me on this matter..im using celcom 3g unlimited service)

    same here! I have disable the sim pin (1234), it also always lead me to pin code site, i have try to enter 1234, but useless.. Pls help…thanks!

  56. help me also, cannot connect using celcom. maybe prob with the unit same as hong.. uhuhu.. can upgrade solve this problem?

  57. hong:
    did you changed that SIM PIN previously before you slot it into your zuhause??

    what settings did you put? mind to let me know?

    APN is celcom3G
    username and password just leave it blank.

  58. supplier say that this firmware is not original bcoz it is easy to use; once on, automatically connected. vodafone has to be connect manually..

    ok melz, firstly when i power on, i just change the ssid and admin password. apn,username,pwd n dns is default as what celcom technician said.

    i tried to upgrade/change to original firmware (download from vodafone) but still cannot connect.
    i also reset (at the back) and suddenly LED WLAN is green! bfore, its blank. BUT my pc cannot detect any wireless. when i restart (power off-on) then its back to originally my setup..

    plz help. tq

  59. First of all, Celcom does not endorse this router. So they don’t troubleshoot for you. Second, the firmware is supposed to be original because it came from Vodafone itself. Previously it was v0250. When you bought it , it should be v0237. Neither one of these version has auto connect feature. It has been disabled before the version itself.

    Anyway, it’s hard for me to troubleshoot for you cos my unit is currently at my hometown collecting dust. Wanted to sell it off too… It’s still working tho.

    WLAN can be turned on from the menu itself or the button behind it. I also wish I could help you but it’s hard to do so when i don’t have my unit here.

    The person who sold it to you should be the one troubleshooting and helping you to get it work than just getting profit out of you then forget after sales service.

    May i know who and where did you get your unit from?

  60. Thanks anyway. I get it from lelong.com.my.. supplier ask me to change to original software but it didnt works. is there any other ways to update/change software NOT from menu inside?

  61. I see,,, do you mean Chiaron ?

    There’s no other way to change the firmware other than using the interface inside.

    Anyway, I just found out today that Celcom does indeed selling this router but at the price of RM999. A lady came to the place i work with the router, she couldn’t get it running.

    AFAIK, celcom isn’t suppose to be selling it. It was meant for German Vodafone.

  62. so, is that item working now? mine nope 🙁 if anybody can, i will pass u with some tips, hehe. my supplier is too far, from sarawak.

  63. my unit LAN interface is not responding. Any idea? Could it burn or the firmware is corrupted? I am so worried cause I use it only for 2 months.

  64. @aseti:
    You seems like having lots of experience on this device. I couldn’t access the device, neither from LAN nor wireless. Could it be overheating or the firmware was corrupted? I have reset it through the rear button, but it didn’t work. I press longer for the rear reset button, the power and data LED start switch blinking and it never end. What should I do? Have you experience this before? Pls help.

  65. Yes, I have. Thank you.
    Problem solved.
    The ratings of my network card were wrong!

    Thanks again!

  66. I brought mine at PC fair recently, I had the same problem with my vodafone zuhause unit asking me to type my pin number. It’s was the SIM card problem. I went to Celcom to make a complaint and waited 2 days before someone from technical called me to replace the SIM card.

    I am staying on the 9th floor, my handphone signal is full bar but my vodafone zuhause signal detect only 2 bar. However I can still connect to the net, I find that the speed is slow by half compared to Streamyx RM66 package. I only get to 320 KBPS.
    Has anyone able to upgrade the unit to get higher bandwidth?

  67. By default, the unit comes with a datacard that only support up to 384kpbs bandwitdh. It’s a Merlin U630 inside if i’m not mistaken. higher bandwidth card will be U740 i think. u need to replace the card inside to get higher bandwidth

  68. after i upgrade the Merlin U630’s firmware to 14.5 and everything work fine. Not more irritating “attaching to network” anymore.

    But I found that some notebook have this problem for Merlin U630 card. Error code 10, and cannot detect the device. You guys need to use this version ’s driver to install ..NwtDriverInst_V1.2.1.1
    downlaod the driver which available in the PDF file. i used Celcom 3G, Malaysia.

    one more thing, can i use U740 to replace U630 card inside to get higher bandwidth???

  69. i’m wondering too if we can upgrade this vodafone box with an hsdpa u740 data card…

  70. Hi..I’ve just bought this Zuhause Talk & Web-Box 2 days ago. First, it ran very nice on UMTS network. But..suddeny yesterday it switched automatically without my notice to GPRS network with green blinking light on data panel. I checked the speed setting it was correct 384 kbps the rebooted the router but it still won’t connect to UMTS. I assume the UMTS (3G) network is down.
    But then i use the data sim card using my OPTION 3G MAX PCMCIA MODEM to my laptop..it ran the 3G very smooth..nothing errors with my simcard or the 3G network. So i think the problem is on my new Zuhause right? but i checked it many times..resetting and rebooting many times. It still won’t connect to the 3G/UMTS network.. I’m really in desperate.. Anyone can help?? Thanks

  71. Good Morning,
    I Have the same problem of Kay 01-02/04/2008. Is there anybody than know the solution?
    I contact the seller but I haven’t nothing answer at today.
    thank you!

  72. Markmoses,

    I have difficulties to download the firmware. Any other sites that i can download?

  73. Help!
    How can I get a full reset?
    I forgot the password!
    How can I get a full reset?
    I forgot the password!

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Help Me……………………….

  74. Hi, I have a new Vodafone Merlin U630, bought recently. But like most people it just have some problem. It can’t help me kept wonder, is this device inb good condition? Or what is the odd a datacard malfuntion.

    Is there any update on the driver(installer)

  75. I use this router with celcom 3g almost 1 year.. but in this month, I have some problem with the connection.. when I click to connect.. it’s ask for pin code.. i put the 3g pin number,it doesn’t work.. the pin error massage come out.. any one can help? It never happen before…

  76. Hi there, I have some problems in my vodafone web&talk. Howto get my firmware back to default settings?I’ve used v2.63 firmware router and merlin U630 v14.5.
    But my router GPRS DATA LED didn’t blink anymore. Is there any clue howto reset it? I’ve done to push the reset button twice, but it didn’t happened, now I can’t ping it with IP address.
    Should I short pin to Intel TE28F640 J3 Flash? which one the pin to short?

    Lampung – Indonesia

  77. hello,

    I have the same problem Cesor had last year: I can send faxes, but so far, I did not manage to receive faxes. Since I only want to use the device to send/receive faxes, I removed the umts card (could be more useful in a notebook)

    Cesar: did you finally manage to receive faxes ? How dis you do it ? Has the fax itself to be configured ?
    Does anybody else know how to fix this ?



  78. The cause of the problem was that the telephone networks did not pass correctly the information that this is a fax call. So the GSM cell transmitter does not know this is a fax call and uses voice encoding over the radio link. This is not suitable for a fax transmission. On the other hand, the vodaphone device knows this is a fax call because the fax is connected trough a dedicated connector to the device, so it uses the right encoding. So it is possible to send but not to receive faxes with the vodaphone device.
    Solution : select a provider that assigns two different phone numbers to the sim card: one for phone calls and one for fax calls and where all cell transmitters have access to the list of fax numbers. This allows them to use the right encoding. In Belgium, Mobistar can do it; Base cannot.

  79. Hi
    i h problem with vodafone zuhause
    i have reset but the ip address still
    and i cannot open setup menu when
    i use admin username and blank password
    what is real problem ?
    i have plan to upgrade firmware.

    does someone help fix the problem?
    thanks and regard

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