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Aftermath of Negarakuku issue

While the controversial issue of Namewee’s Negarakuku is still going on, some “people” has already started to go hostile towards the Chinese. This is not an accusation as I’ve seen it and experience it.

Like for example, 2 hours ago, me and my friend was walking back from the LRT station and it was raining at the time. There were 3 malays consist of 2 guys an 1 gal , probably aged between 15 -17 walking in front of us till we reach a bus stop. They were standing there waiting for the cars move as there was a puddle of water by the roadside. They scare they might get splashed. We wanted to walk pass them.

Then I heard one of the guy saying “Eh, ada Cina nak lalu la” . Apparently they started laughing and I have no idea why. Then another one started saying “Sorry Sorry.. Kita orang melayu memang jalan slow slow” and something else which I wasn’t paying attention of. I didn’t bother about them and we just walk pass. When they were behind us, the guy just said “Bodoh punya Cina babi, balik lah”

I wonder if that’s what their parents taught them at home. Anyway, this is not the first time I hear all those stuffs. It even started when I was still in primary school. I have a lot Malay friends too. They respect me and I respect them as well.

Anyway, NameWee’s song, “Negarakuku”, in fact has alot of meaning in it. It could be interpreted in a few ways. That’s the reason why he mentioned “depends what kind of nose do you have”. Yeah, maybe he screwed up for using the National Anthem (which was ripped off from another song Mamula Moon & Terang Bulan) but the things he said was kinda true. I’m not being disrespectful though. I have my point of view of that song. In fact everybody does. It still depends how you interpret it.

Well, nuff said. I don’t wanna get bombarded later on with this post. Sigh….

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7 thoughts on “Aftermath of Negarakuku issue

  1. that’s very true. those malays friends I used to have doesn’t mind me cracking jokes about malay and vice versa. they certainly know what’s really happening in our society nowadays. but it’s too bad that i’ve lost contact with them after high school graduation.

    What is the meaning of being Malaysian when people in Malaysia are more focused on being a Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc… Racial party shouldn’t even exist. All I know is that we’re still under one roof. So what happened to that “Unity is Strength” thingy? The world don’t see us as Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc but instead they see us as Malaysian that is not UNITED at all..

  2. we dont need that punk cina bukit namewee to correct the malays..he should correct himselft first…I mean look at him!! arghhh…..i guess the chinese are like that…you all dont realise that how ppl look at you, you know?….cermin muka sendiri dulu…dont be too arrogant…wake up!!

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  4. well azman,

    I’m not interested in creating controversial issues at all. I do respect the Malays except for certain “bad apples”. But that doesn’t mean I think there isn’t any bad Chinese at all. I never said Namewee is right neither he’s wrong. What I was pointing out is that how everyone perceive such issue.

    I hold strongly to the word “Unity”. Because of that, I have multi-racial friends and I really respect these people. Why ? Cos we’re able to talk about Namewee issue without bashing up each other when we dine together. Nobody has the right to correct everyone.

    “you all dont realise that how ppl look at you, you know?….cermin muka sendiri dulu…dont be too arrogant…wake up!!” How about telling that to yourself and what is your reply to it ? But I think what you said is right. In fact that applies to every single Malaysian in Malaysia. Take a good look of themselves before promoting them to the world.

    Nobody is perfect. I see myself in the mirror everyday when I wake up and I see a person full of flaws. People disregard all these flaws because they’re ignorant by nature. Are you perfect ?

    Since you said “chinese are like that” , You are welcome to judge me if you want. Because that way I’m able to improve myself.

  5. haha “those” ppl are angry because what is mentioned in the song is SO TRUE! so i suppose they’re just in denial and ashame to accept the truth.well as they say, the truth always hurt. if we balik to China. i don’t think “those” ppl can survive. its a well known fact, we orang cina is the one that boost the economy! bah. so, i think its best they shut up and think of ways to improve themselves…a tortis will always be a tortis.

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