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One Word Meme

Saw this meme at Pikey’s blog. Sounds fun, so I just tag along. =p

Where is your cell phone? Bed
Relationship? Attached
Your hair? Black
Work? Quitted
Your sister? Two
Your favorite thing? Computers
Your dream last night? YAmchAr!
Your favorite drink? Frappucino
Your dream car? Mitsubishi
The room you’re in? Living
Your shoes? Adidas
Your fears? Loneliness
What do you want to be in 10 years? Rich
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Friends
What are you not good at? Maths
One of your wish list items? PS3
Where you grew up? Siewpauland
Last thing you did? Breakfast
What are you wearing? Tee
What aren’t you wearing? Shoe
Your pet? Missing
Your computer? Cool!
Your life? Sucks
Your mood? Stressful
What are you thinking about right now? Exams
Your car? None
Your kitchen? Small
Your summer? HoT
Your favorite color? Black
Last time you laughed? Yesterday
Last time you cried? Dunno
School? Boring
Love? Wonderful

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