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Assuming that you have not heard about this TMNET User Group.

Since 1995, TM Net Sdn Bhd, in fulfilling the needs for Internet and Multimedia services for Malaysians (To be exact, non of the needs of home users are fulfilled), has become the nation’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) (Dominating market by marginalizing other providers) and the largest in South East Asia (I doubt that). As an independent business entity and wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad we aim to be more dynamic, agile, and market-oriented company with the customers’ needs paramount to all that we do (Only to corporate customers).

In line with this, TM Net has taken initiative to setup focus groups of users from all states in Malaysia.  The purpose these user groups is:

· Channel for TM Net to get firsthand and constructive feedback from customers
· Sharing of information and knowledge among members on new technology and services offerings
· Promote the use of ICT in the particular state

To support this initiative, this e-community platform is setup to allow active participation from all members.

So guys, if you’ve got something to say about TMNut Screamyx. Here’s the place you should go

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