Month of Thievery

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Let me introduce you to a new event that is held in Malaysia at the moment. It’s called the Month of Thievery ! Every time when festive season sets in, thievery ops are on high. Burglary, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery, mugging, trespassing, shoplifting, intrusion, fraud. You name it! Those are the act of thievery.

This month’s trend is bag snatching. It happens everywhere, day or night, regardless of whether it’s deserted or crowdy area. It still happens even if all precaution were taken to prevent such incident from happening. Snatchers are everywhere, waiting for the right moment to strike when they sees the opportunity.

This month, a friend of mine became a victim of snatch thief. Her bag containing her mobile phone, purse, some other value items were snatched off by a Malay guy in just a flash. Guess what? Yesterday, while I was taking dinner at Wangsa Maju food centre, a girl’s bag got snatched in front of so many people. The girl’s friend gave a chase but the guy got off on a motorcycle as his accomplice were waiting for him by the roadside. Now you see how desperate people are? Well, let me tell you something. If you plan head of the police station and tell the police that the person who snatched is a Malay, they will ask if you’re 100% sure that the snatcher is a Malay?. I guess they just couldn’t accept the fact that the highest number of cases involves a Malay snatcher.

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One Word Meme

Saw this meme at Pikey’s blog. Sounds fun, so I just tag along. =p

Where is your cell phone? Bed
Relationship? Attached
Your hair? Black
Work? Quitted
Your sister? Two
Your favorite thing? Computers
Your dream last night? YAmchAr!
Your favorite drink? Frappucino
Your dream car? Mitsubishi
The room you’re in? Living
Your shoes? Adidas
Your fears? Loneliness
What do you want to be in 10 years? Rich
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Friends
What are you not good at? Maths
One of your wish list items? PS3
Where you grew up? Siewpauland
Last thing you did? Breakfast
What are you wearing? Tee
What aren’t you wearing? Shoe
Your pet? Missing
Your computer? Cool!
Your life? Sucks
Your mood? Stressful
What are you thinking about right now? Exams
Your car? None
Your kitchen? Small
Your summer? HoT
Your favorite color? Black
Last time you laughed? Yesterday
Last time you cried? Dunno
School? Boring
Love? Wonderful

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3 more papers to go

Finally down to 3 papers. I guess I can graduate this may. HOPEFULLY! I don’t wanna stay in TARC any longer. I just wanna get that darn cert and move on wih my life. Had enough with study. I’m not exactly those type of people who really like studying. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just lazy.

Seriously, I haven’t thought of what I’m going to do after I graduate. I wonder what can I do. If I can graduate after this semester, then I’ll probably have 3 qualification other than my SPM qualification. Hmmm… let me see. I have completed a management short course, got a Certificate of E-Commerce from NCC, UK, and hopefully a Diploma in Marketing & E-Commerce from TARC.

The problem is… I’m not really interested in Marketing. Well, E-Commerce is just part of my interest. I always wanted to start my own E-Business but don’t know where to start. There’s just too many things to consider. Actually, my main interest is IT. In fact, I’m sort of an IT enthusiast. I used to be a computer technician and trainer for thoses students who came to my ex-company to do their industrial training.

Sarcastically, I believe I’m the only PC Technical Support Centre that works 24/7 and doesn’t get paid. I have people calling me even in the middle of the night just because their computer broke down or their modem doesn’t dial. Geez… come on. Give me a break will ya ? I have a life and I need to sleep too. I wouldn’t mind helping but at least let me sleep in peace before I put all my energy to work for free. If it’s for charity, I guess I won’t mind. But taking me for granted is something that I can’t tolerate. In fact, who would tolerate that ?

Sheeeshh… I’ve got a bigger problem now. It’s already 5:47am in the morning. This is the second night I stayed up till so “early”. I’ve been trying to figure out what has gone wrong with my forum. What could be wrong that caused all the links in the forum can’t be accessed at all. I guess I screwed up big time.

All because I wanted to fix a small error on my forum, which at the end caused more problem to come one after another. I deleted some stuffs from the database manually and I didn’t bother to look at it. That’s so dumb! I know. Well, I thought problem solved. Who knows when things start to get worst. At first all the forums, topics and post were missing. Fine ! I replaced the initial codes and things seems to be fine. Then I tried to click on the links in my forum. DAMN it! Only blank pages.

Till now, I couldn’t find any solution to the problem. I have no choice but to close down the forum for now. I have to wait till Friday cos I’m going back to Seremban. I can’t do anything here cos the 3G connection here sucks ! I’ll have to troubleshoot every single file and match it with the initial one. Without a good connection, I can’t download all my files from my server.

Sigh… I’m off to sleep. I still need to go to college tomorrow.

SerembanKia.Net forum is up

Finally, my new forum is up. Gonna ditch that old one. All my friends said that the URL was too long. So, I bought another domain dedicated to this forum. . Sound a bit dumb but I couldn’t get the single Seremban domain cos someone still owns it. Sigh, I hate it when they’re just parking their domain and not doing anything with it.

So, to those people from Seremban who are reading this. Do drop by and register yourself.

Currently, I’m still figuring out what topics and sections should i add in. I’m also looking for Moderators. At the moment, I have only one Moderator for the Mac section. So guys, if you interested to be one. Do sign up at my forum. =)

Oh My Gawd!!!

6 seconds to 100KM/hour, running 200KM/hour in housing area road……………. in a freakin CLK (Cacated-Large-Kembara) . No Way!!! That’s freakin ridiculous ! The Max speed for Kembara is only 180KM/hour and nobody would actually reach that speed before the engine blows.

Yeah, I would have expected that. I just realized that the damn speedometer was faulty. I was shocked when the gauge went pass 180KM/hour. Gees, luckily I’m not on the highway. Else, I wouldn’t know what speed i’m actually & it would result getting summon. As I was thinking,  something pop up in my mind. A scenario that might happen if I’m being stopped by the police.

Here goes….

Police : Kamu nak pergi mana ?

Me : Balik rumah, tuan.

Police : Tahu tak, berapa laju kamu jalan tadi ?

Me : Er, entah. Meter dah lebih 180KM, tapi macam slow je.

Police : Mana boleh lebih. Jangan main-main dengan saya.

Me : Betul la. Saya takde main. Saya rasa meter dah rosak kot.

Police : Meter rosak ke, tak rosak pun kamu dah lakukan kesalahan. Kamu pandu melebihi had kelajuan. Saya terpaksa saman kamu.

Me : Saya betul-betul tak tahu, tuan. Tak saman tak boleh ke ?

Police : Tak boleh. Ini peraturan. Kamu dah langgar peraturan. Bagi IC kamu.

Me : (Passes my IC to the police).

Police : Sekarang, I bagi you saman. Tapi ni saman RM300 tau ?

Me : Wah ! Saman banyak mahal.

Police : Ya lah. Ini memang kompaun biasa. Macam mana nak settle?

Me : (Act blur knowing that he’s asking for duit kopi) Apa lagi macam mana. Saya dah salah ma. Saman saja lah!


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