Yay ! Upgraded to WordPress 2.1.2

I’ve just upgraded the blog software, WordPress from version 2.0.5 to 2,1,2. Seems like there’s no problem with the upgrade. At first I was thinking of downloading the new version from WordPress. But, I just remembered that I have Fantastico on my hosting. So, I went and check my Fantastico and there it was, a link for me to upgrade my WordPress. Just a single click, my WordPress is upgraded without hassle. But before that, I took some precaution by backing up all my old files and database. Then, I turned off all my pluggin and switched my theme back to default. Well… Just in case cos you might never know what will happen next. Haha…

Everything seems to be working great. Dashboard looks more neater. I’ll have to take some time to explorer a bit. LoL. For now, I’ll just keep my fingers cross and let it run for a couple of days.

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3 more papers to go

Finally down to 3 papers. I guess I can graduate this may. HOPEFULLY! I don’t wanna stay in TARC any longer. I just wanna get that darn cert and move on wih my life. Had enough with study. I’m not exactly those type of people who really like studying. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just lazy.

Seriously, I haven’t thought of what I’m going to do after I graduate. I wonder what can I do. If I can graduate after this semester, then I’ll probably have 3 qualification other than my SPM qualification. Hmmm… let me see. I have completed a management short course, got a Certificate of E-Commerce from NCC, UK, and hopefully a Diploma in Marketing & E-Commerce from TARC.

The problem is… I’m not really interested in Marketing. Well, E-Commerce is just part of my interest. I always wanted to start my own E-Business but don’t know where to start. There’s just too many things to consider. Actually, my main interest is IT. In fact, I’m sort of an IT enthusiast. I used to be a computer technician and trainer for thoses students who came to my ex-company to do their industrial training.

Sarcastically, I believe I’m the only PC Technical Support Centre that works 24/7 and doesn’t get paid. I have people calling me even in the middle of the night just because their computer broke down or their modem doesn’t dial. Geez… come on. Give me a break will ya ? I have a life and I need to sleep too. I wouldn’t mind helping but at least let me sleep in peace before I put all my energy to work for free. If it’s for charity, I guess I won’t mind. But taking me for granted is something that I can’t tolerate. In fact, who would tolerate that ?

Sheeeshh… I’ve got a bigger problem now. It’s already 5:47am in the morning. This is the second night I stayed up till so “early”. I’ve been trying to figure out what has gone wrong with my forum. What could be wrong that caused all the links in the forum can’t be accessed at all. I guess I screwed up big time.

All because I wanted to fix a small error on my forum, which at the end caused more problem to come one after another. I deleted some stuffs from the database manually and I didn’t bother to look at it. That’s so dumb! I know. Well, I thought problem solved. Who knows when things start to get worst. At first all the forums, topics and post were missing. Fine ! I replaced the initial codes and things seems to be fine. Then I tried to click on the links in my forum. DAMN it! Only blank pages.

Till now, I couldn’t find any solution to the problem. I have no choice but to close down the forum for now. I have to wait till Friday cos I’m going back to Seremban. I can’t do anything here cos the 3G connection here sucks ! I’ll have to troubleshoot every single file and match it with the initial one. Without a good connection, I can’t download all my files from my server.

Sigh… I’m off to sleep. I still need to go to college tomorrow.

Screwed up kingdom monarch in Utopia

I got back into Utopia after 6 years stopping. Initially started playing it in year 2000. Kinda got addicted to it. I thought this time I’ll land in some good Kingdom. Damn! I was wrong. The King is pretty screwed up. A province got threatened just because he doesn’t wanna give his account information to the King. This dumb monarch’s friend wanted to play in the same Kingdom but this “victim” refuses to give in. Guess what’s their tagline now ? “ Play for the Kingdom, or the Kingdom play with you.” Pathetic!

Sadly, the province got “raped” by the dumb monarch henchmen. The rest couldn’t see the real picture behind what’s happening. The victim posted conversation between him and the monarch in the game forum but most of his post got deleted. Things doesn’t look good on his side now. He sent me his log. Seems like that stupid monarch give him some choice.

1. Give in his account details

2. Get p4wn3d.

3. Or defect.

As far as I know, trading accounts are not allowed in Utopia. I’m really dismayed by what’s happening now. Still deciding whether to defect or just delete the damn account for good. Who know’s I might be targeted next. Sigh…



My complaint works ! …. or maybe not

Two days ago, I wrote to Celcom, complaining to them about my SNAIL-slow 3G connection and the high latency problem which keep getting me Time Out everytime I tried to surf the net and my MSN connection kept being dropped off. Thus, making some of my contacts asking me why am I going on and off. I know it’s pretty annoying when you see your MSN notifier popping in and out, telling you that your contacts came online. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it, thanks to the connection.

Anyway,  those guys at Celcom said they have submitted a ticket for me and will investigate on the matter.

Few minutes ago, I noticed that my static IP has changed. It seems like they have relocated my account to a different gateway. This gateway is located somewhere around Sabah. The one I was using previously was located somewhere in KL. It’s just kinda weird why they relocated a gateway so far away from the place I’m using the connection. I’m in KL by the way.

I ran another test just now. Speed seems to be promising compared to the days before I made the complaint. But then again, the latency is still very high. I still get time out pages intermittently.

Oh well, I’ll trust them again this time. Hopefully, they’ll give me a good explaination of what’s happening. I’ll leave this problem off my mind for now since I’l be going back to Seremban later. At least I still have a decent SLOW-myx connection in Seremban. I think I’ll just forget Celcom 3G till Sunday. Hope everything is settled by then.