Another Luxury Jet For The Pembesar?

Do we, the taxpayers and voters, need to lavish our pembesar (VIPs) with another private jet?

Over the years we had already financed the purchase of four such aircraft – a Boeing Business Jet, a Bombardier Global Express, a Dassault Falcon 900B and a Fokker F-28.

They are still flying and we are paying for their maintenance and operation by the VIP No2 Squadron of Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) in Subang.

This latest toy that we have to pay and maintain is an Airbus A319 Corporate Jet which, according to industry sources, can cost anywhere between US$40 and US$45 million without fixtures. Converting it to VIP configuration can cost another US$10 million.

According to a website dedicated to the sale of Airbus aircraft, our luxury jet made its maiden flight out of Airbus Industrie’s Hamburg, Germany plant on Nov 29, 2006 and is now being outfitted by interior specialist Jet Aviation in Basel, Switzerland.

Taking the lower figure, the corporate jet will punch a US$50-million hole in our pocket. That’s a big hole. It’s equivalent to about RM175 million, which can build a lot of classrooms, hospital wards and not to mention mosques and rural roads for the rakyat. Or help rehabilitate Johor flood victims.


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TMNET User Group

Assuming that you have not heard about this TMNET User Group.

Since 1995, TM Net Sdn Bhd, in fulfilling the needs for Internet and Multimedia services for Malaysians (To be exact, non of the needs of home users are fulfilled), has become the nation’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) (Dominating market by marginalizing other providers) and the largest in South East Asia (I doubt that). As an independent business entity and wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad we aim to be more dynamic, agile, and market-oriented company with the customers’ needs paramount to all that we do (Only to corporate customers).

In line with this, TM Net has taken initiative to setup focus groups of users from all states in Malaysia.  The purpose these user groups is:

· Channel for TM Net to get firsthand and constructive feedback from customers
· Sharing of information and knowledge among members on new technology and services offerings
· Promote the use of ICT in the particular state

To support this initiative, this e-community platform is setup to allow active participation from all members.

So guys, if you’ve got something to say about TMNut Screamyx. Here’s the place you should go

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Vodafone Zuhause Talk&Web-box Firmware v0250

Updates : The link to the file might have been removed by the author. I’ve uploaded my copy at

After 3 days of searching through German forums and struggling to understand to German, I finally able to get a copy of the firmware for my 3G router. I was so darn happy when I received this

Hallo melz84,

Epstone hat auf das Thema ‘Firmware Update Vadafone Talk&Web Box’ im Forum ‘Internet ??ber Mobilfunk: UMTS/GPRS u. Co.’ bei Community geantwortet.

Dieses Thema ist hier zu finden:

Dies ist der Beitrag, der gerade geschrieben wurde:
at 5 o’clock it should be ready downloadable

Es k??nnte noch weitere Antworten auf das Thema geben, jedoch erhalten Sie keine zus?¤tzlichen Benachrichtigungen, bis Sie das Forum wieder besucht haben.

Mit freundlichen Gr????en Community


I quickly went and download the firmware as this firmware is not distributed anymore in German nor any websites. Lucky for me, Epstone from the forum uploaded the firmware back into his server again for me. Anyway, those who are using the same unit as me, you can download it from the address above. I haven’t upgrade the firmware yet. I want to read more on their discussion about the firmware before i proceed. As you know, the process is unreversible.

Updates : The link to the file has been removed by the author. I’ve uploaded my copy at

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